Friday, August 08, 2008

Me and my girl

IMG_2806a Maisie and I have been having a fun week together, much more laid back than the past nine weeks where every day was heavily scheduled with camp and gymnastics practice. The only scheduled activities this week were Maisie's twice weekly regular gymnastics practices and other than those she and I have been having some fun times together. Wednesday we didn't even leave the house until 3:30PM when it was time to head to gymnastics practice. It's crazy to think about it but that was the first weekday, in over nine weeks, where we spent an entire morning home.

Maisie is still being a super fussy eater but has been doing somewhat better since I've started making bento for her. I'm having fun thinking up new and fun ways to present her meals and even sneaking in a few new foods. For the most part Maisie doesn't eat rice, chicken, beef, fish or pork. She's also decided that she doesn't like any fresh fruit and the only veggies she'll eat are carrots and broccoli. So working with a very limited choice of foods I've had to be quite creative. Of course Maisie would be happy if everyday I just gave her noodles, Go-Gurts and quail eggs. You can check out all of Maisie's bentos over at Maisie Eats Bento.


  1. She looks so cute in that picture!! What a smile. I love the days we can just hang out at home too. Sometimes a lazy day is so great especially when it is packed into a busy day.

  2. Love that cute smiley pigtail face! Taaadah presenting HELLO KITTY bento.... I've gotten myself some bento stuff now! Tried out the egg molds the other day.


  3. Awww! What a sweet picture! That is a girl happy with lunch!

  4. First, that is the CUTEST pic of her!!! LOVE it! Second, OMG woman, there's nothing left for her to eat if she won't eat any of those things you listed! lol! You're better than most moms when I was a kid - we got food put in front of us and if we didn't like it and didn't eat it - we went hungry! lol!!!

  5. My turn to catch up. WOW, Maisie is getting so big and looks like such a little girl rather than anything baby. She is such a great gymnast. What out Olympics 2020!

  6. Maisie is so adorable in that picture.

  7. That pictures is adorable! She has such a beautiful smile. I am going to try some Bento stuff for Joleigh, soon. Thanks for sharing.

  8. She is such a cutie! Love seeing her lunches -- now if I would just get busy and make some for my girl too! Have a fun weekend.


  9. I love that photo! She is radiant!

    My kids are not into fresh fruit either (probably because we're not big fruit eaters!) BUT when they went to Child care or Kindy - they'd eat it, coz everyone else was!! They're not too bad now, as long as the fruit is cut up. Neither liked vegies too much either, but I always asked them to eat a teaspoon of everything on their plate - they did - and now they're pretty good with their veggies!


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