Saturday, February 23, 2008

Washable? I hope so!

Yet another week passes here at Chez Maisie.

*Monday we attended Library play group but had to leave very early as Maisie was in total meltdown mode and did nothing but scream from just moments after we arrived until we walked back into our house. She had slept really well over night but must have still been quite tired as she did take an extra long nap and had a better (not great) afternoon.

*Tuesday there was no Mother's Morning Out because of President's week so Maisie and I met up with a few of my Mah Jongg ladies and their children for a quick and fun lunch. After nap we ran a few errands and then played in Maisieland.

IMG_0459.JPG_Thumbnail1 *Wednesday morning we had fun at music class and then after nap Orla and Rachel came over to play outside as it was a beautiful day. what should I get into next The girls had fun blowing bubbles, sliding down the slides, running around and just being kids. carrot cruncher Maisie also decided that all she wanted to eat all day were baby carrots and granola bars, I guess her food choices could be worse so I'm not worrying about it.

*Thursday morning Maisie returned to Mother's Morning Out which allowed me time to get some errands and shopping done. Thursday afternoon was wet and cold so we stayed home for the afternoon having fun playtime together.

Fri at playroom *Friday morning we met up with Lisa & Briana at The Playroom where the girls had a blast jumping on the tramps and playing. with Briana After a nice nap we headed over to Deb & LiLi's for a little bit of late afternoon playtime.

*This morning Cindy, Brent & Claire came over for a play date where the girls had fun coloring with the washable markers. IMG_0483.JPG_Thumbnail1 Claire decided that her face, shirt, pants and hands were more fun to color than the paper but she had a great time.

my little artist Maisie loves playing with the markers so I put together a new easel that I bought for her and she spent hours there coloring on the white board then cleaning it off, over and over and over. Needless to say she was covered in marker ink. Maisie's now playing in the bathtub and I'm lounging in the nice warm bathroom keeping an eye on her and blogging, a nice way to finish off the afternoon.


  1. great pics! especially the "what can I get into next?" pic. that's priceless!

    the art easel is a wonderful thing (we got AR one like that as well..) it's great to watch them be creative isn't it!?


  2. Briana had such a blast playing with Maisie on Friday! Thanks again for inviting us! I plan on going again soon, so I will call ya!

    Sounds like you had a great week!

  3. Busy week :D
    Yeah - I think it does wash out - and if not - it will wear out! Ha ha - Loved Claire's little paws :D

  4. Ah, Mah jong...I wish I lived near you, I love Mah Jong!

    The photos are great, it sounds like you had a fun time!

  5. Love those pics! And no, I don't look forward to the meltdowns - after all, who's gonna take care of me when I have mine because my daughter is in the middle of her own??? ROFL! BTW, just wanted to mention that Mel is trying to keep her new blog from being linked on other ppl's blogs (trying to stay as private as possible without having to go pswd protected) so you might want to remove the link to her in your sidebar :)

  6. Looks like a tasty coloring outing ;0)

  7. I love Maisie's cute bob hair do!

    I think my favourite pic is "thinking Maisie"!

    Too precious

  8. You two are always up to fun. She is so cute. The pictures of her with her friends will be so priceless to her someday.


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