Saturday, December 02, 2006

Visas, I-171H and insurance

Eammon's off at his Wetting the Baby's Head. It was originally scheduled for last Saturday but because so many people were away for the holiday, it's happening today. Hopefully he'll be conscious enough tomorrow to do the honey-do-list of installing car seats into both cars, putting together the high-chair, some toys and the stroller.

I thought that I'd be able to get a lot accomplished today but I'm really dragging. I managed to come down with some sort of chest cold and I'm sounding like Barry White losing his voice. Man I hope that I get this under control quickly as I'm not looking forward to getting on a plane with a chest cold. Monday I'll be visiting the doctor, great something else I need to do!!

This morning I went to the bank and post office and sent off a cashier's check for our in-China fees as well as a copy of our new I-171H (which arrived Thursday) to our agency. The kicker on our I-171H is that our original one expires the day after we land back in the U.S!!! I then drove Eammon down to the pub then off to the grocery. When I arrived home the postlady was here delivering our visas and I then got online and purchased our travel insurance. So, other than having to go to the bank on Wednesday to pick up lots of brand new money, I think most of our travel items are accounted for.

This afternoon I cooked, trying to get a few things into the freezer so that when we return there'll be some easy meals. Our house smells wonderful, now filled with the scents of curried shepherd's pie, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, spaghetti sauce, honey garlic chicken and chicken tikka masala. Now I'm just packaging everything up and getting it into the freezer. In addition I'm doing laundry so that hopefully by tomorrow I'll have our bags all packed. In a short while I'll go pick up my slightly inebriated husband and then it's a few days of cleaning up the house and waiting to go.

I'm so ready to get my hands on little Miss Maisie I can't stand it!!! I'm also looking forward to hopefully meeting some of my fellow bloggers and dtc mates whilst in China. I'm planning on blogging from China when possible so I hope everyone will follow along with us and our adventures with Maisie.


  1. Wet the babys head!!! That's funny!!! English blokes...always trying to make up a reason to get sloshed!!!

    You are one of the most organised mothers on the planet, lady!!! Meals in the freezer?!!! You are too good!!! I might need to enlist your services when we are FINALLY allocated, to come an organise my payments, paperwork, meals etc!!!

    May the next few days FLY BY, may E get the essential baby items assembled, and may you get plenty of sleep!

    PS should you be changing your blog title to
    Our Journey to MAISIE
    now?!!! I love her name, she really looks like a Maisie?!!!

  2. You sound like a wonderful cook, Lisa! Good luck in these final days before your departure. I'm sure you must be excited, overwhelmed, and eager to get going!

  3. Follow along with you in China....YA THINK? We wouldn't miss it for the world. Have a fantastic time and we can't wait to see you with Miss Maisie.

  4. Mmmm it's right about the dinner hour for us, and I'M STARVING. Those dishes that you mentioned sound awesome!

    I'll be following along on your blog and taking notes! :)

  5. Can't wait to follow you along on your ride of a lifetime!

    Please, I hope the Barry White voice goes away and fast. I can only imagine little Ms. Maisie's face if that emanates from you when you first meet!

  6. I have to say, I have never heard of "wetting the baby's head". that is hilarious!

    I can't wait to continue to follow your journey to Maisie. I must say, you have got to be one of the most organized women I have ever read about. I know you've shared a few of your recipes before but honestly, you need to share them all.. :-) Then.. I need to get off my butt and make some of them and put them up in the freezer like you do. that is just AWESOME!

  7. You are a amazing women..You are so organized and all your things you cook sound sooo wonderful.
    I look forward to seeing the pictures of you with "your hands on Maisie". You will be a GREAT mom:)

  8. Of course we'll be following your trip to China! Are you crazy woman?! We can't wait...

  9. You sounded awful on the phone.... so sorry you are doing the Barry White!!! Here hoping that the Doctor is a miracle worker... Get feeling better!!! Maisie is waiting for her momma!!!


  10. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Lisa & Eammon,
    Maisie is such a wonderful name. It works in some many languages. I agree with Lee-Ann this Wetting the baby's head thing is just another reason to stay at the pub! The French version is waiting until the baptism and letting the champagne flow. The father usually dips his finger in the champagne and gives the baby a taste. Baptisms usually occur quickly after the baby arrives. I think that it is more linked to the Champagne spirits rather than the child's spirituality! Will be looking for yr China updates. Wishing all 3 of you a healthy happy trip.

    DOR 12/02/06
    Waiting for the Fedex man in Paris

    PS Dear Barry, for yr throat boil 3-4 sticks of cinnamon with 4 slices of fresh ginger in 1 liter of water, simmer for 20 minutes. Add 1/2 of lemon and honey. Keeping drinking this until yr voice comes back. Old Vietnamese receipe

  11. Follow along. Hello, I've been lurking for god know's how long, and of course I can't wait to see that little cue ball!

  12. OMGosh, Maisie Day is soooooo close. I am amazed & so excited. I will thoroughly enjoy following your journey to China & to Maisie. Glad to hear that you are working on getting the freezer stocked - and with such delicious treats!! I enjoy cooking & the process of stocking up as well, Lisa.

    Countin' down the dayz.


    PS - Thanks for the tanning tips - they definitely helped - especially the part about catching rays before noon!!

  13. Wow! You are one organized lady. Hope these next days fly by!

  14. Of course we'll be following along while you're in China- wouldn't miss it for the world! BTW, am totally hiring you to come cook for us before we take off for China, everything sounds delish!

  15. Of course we will be following along. We will be waiting for details and pictures!!

  16. I decided to come over to your hous whilst you are gone and eat outta your freezer... LOL.

  17. You are so oragnized and calm! good for you and I hope you feel better and that Eammon`s night out went well.

    So excited for you!

    Keep smilin!

  18. Just 3 more days!!!! Is this exciting or what?


  19. You must be beyone excited! I hope you feel better. Start taking airborne right away. It will lessen the severity of your cold. I always take it when I feel like I am coming down with a cold and it helps alot! HTH!

  20. I hope you feel better soon. Remember to get Cipro if you can. We did not get sick in China, thank goodness, but a few did. We decided to start taking the Cipro anyway a few days before we left to make sure we did not catch anything on the way home on the plane. I am so excited for you. Less than a week until Maisie!

  21. I can't wait to check in with you while you are in China!
    Good luck these next few days, although it sounds like you have things together. It won't be long now!!

  22. Thats such an exciting post...Cant wait to hear about your travels when you get back!

  23. Hey there ~~ if your out and about today let me know ~~ Ian and LiLi have a little treat for you before you leave!

  24. Anonymous3:54 PM

    The pictures are great.
    Keep up the good work.
    Maisie looks very happy.
    Congratulations and have a safe
    journey home.
    Greetings from Mary and George in Kennesaw.


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