Friday, November 03, 2006

Crazy and bored

Daphne's crazy, antsy and driving me mad. She's feeling sick to her stomach, on the verge of an anxiety attack and can't wait any longer. I'm bored with the wait and ready for the call.

Denver office has started making calls and referrals are starting to come in. Atlanta office is still quiet and we're still waiting for their call.

So...Still no news...

Here's another pretty letter.


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM


  2. dianne12:53 PM

    Oh i see how now(sneaky)Meighan???????????lol

  3. Where did you get these gorgeous letters from? If you say that you did them I shall have to die! It is bad enough that you are calm on referral day and bake brownies from scratch, surely you didnt paint these too!LOL
    I am now officially to excited to think about the name.

  4. Moo Shoo Pork Shananhan


  5. The suspense is too much!! Yesterday I was pacing for over 2 hours waiting for my call!

    It's maddening! RING PHONE!!!


  6. Gotta be Maisie.

    I came home for lunch just so I could check your blog. C'mon already!!! I only have 15 more minutes!!

  7. Oh....this is just too much. I will say thank you however for making little mini-posts during the wait. You know we'd all be insane if you didn't.

    I think you might be mixing up the letters? Or are you putting in order? I can't guess...too many possibilities. I know one thing. SHE'S GOING TO BE CUTE!!!

  8. Marie? Melissa? Melanie?

  9. no more waiting I say, I ran all the way to Corner Bakery to pick up my lunch so I wouldn't miss anything!!!

    Don't we know someone in the Atlanta office who can get this show on the road :):):)

  10. Madeline? Maribella? Hmmm...

    Can't wait for your good news and that photo!!!

    xoxo, Shana ;)

  11. awww! i thought i would come back to the office from lunch and Baby MS would be revealed. yet more waiting. i am terrible at the name game. i would like to buy a consonant, pat!

  12. I think it's Meighan, too.

    Geez... is daddy to be home, now? The suspense is killing us all. Would love a brownie while we wait(not from a box heehee)

  13. Melania like Donald Trumps wife?

  14. I've worn out the refresh button and get all giddy when bloglines shows an update to your blog. *sigh* I love the letters. No guess, though. I would say Susan but there's no M and no I in it :)

  15. How many letters are there?

  16. When's that call coming???

    For your sanity...I hope real soon!!!

  17. I reeeeeallly have to go back to work. I'll be home by 3:30. Try to have something by then, would you?

    Can't wait to see your beautiful daughter.

  18. 6 Letters folks!!!

    think.... LOL

  19. I have checked your blog like 25 times today - doesn't your agency realize that I have work to do! They better get a move on! LOL!

    Moo Shoo Pork Shanahan has a nice ring to it. :)

  20. I've given up on trying to guess the name. Melissa & I were even talking about it in one of our emails! When is that darn phone going to RING???

  21. Gillian1:47 PM

    Ever more challenging. Let't see Maxine which is Latin for greatest, Meira which means light or Mirabella which means uncommon beauty or 'late to parties'. Hmmm Mirabella is looking good. Just waiting for Baby S.

  22. OK, I'm just sure it Maisey or Maizey...

  23. Hmm...Maisey or I'm still going with Madeline!

  24. Melina? Maddie? Mariane?

    Seesh! When are they going to call y'all?

  25. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Lisa, your such a tease! I've been checking your site a gazillion times today! I'm waiting for the Fedex man too! I've been cleaning my butt off today and taking little breaks to check blogs real quick. I have my camera ready, poor guy has no clue whats in store for him......C'mon babies we want to see some pictures!

    Kimberly Evans

  26. Gillian2:21 PM

    When we lived in Atlanta we went to All Saints downtown and every Easter they would have trumpeters on the roof playing joyously as you came out of church. You could use some trumpets now.

  27. OMG, Lisa, you guys must be bustin a gut by now!!! That's Canadian lingo!!! I can't wait to see Baby S's beautiful little face!!! BTW, I think her name will be MIRELLE!! Waiting for other peoples referrals is just as bad as the wait was for Isabella's!! Hard to believe we are going on 10 months being home with her!!!!

  28. Anonymous2:29 PM

    mlkccHang in there Daphane will be there for you. I am going crazy myself. Karen (Nana)

  29. OMG - the wait is killing me. Can't imagine what its doing to you. Those letters are precious. My guesses: Melissa, Maggie, Melina, Madeline, Marielle?
    Hope that phone of yours is ringing by now!!!!

  30. I think you guys got a cool Gallic/Celtic name up your sleeves, but you got me stumped with the "i". Mavie? Mabelline? Maisie?

  31. Madeline :-)

    I was sure that you would have heard something by now! I hope that you have pictures for tomorrow night. I feel like coming over there and helping Daphne drive you crazy :-)

    Ring Phone Ring!

    I love baby referral day!


  32. I think I'm still in the running with Michaela...

    The letters are awesome, by the way!

  33. Poor Daphne! Why isn't CCAI calling? I'm home for lunch for a few minutes...I NEED pics!


  34. Lisa,

    WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?! WHERE IS YOUR REFERRAL ALREADY!!! It's killing me, so I know YOU are about to split wide open! If you have your referral, would you please post that baby's beautiful face?!?!

  35. Tess is dying to know all about her friend Mai * some other letters!

  36. My bet is for MacKenzie!
    (or some similar spelling of that name!) I am guessing you are giving us only the vowels in order after the initial M.

    I love your letter game!


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