Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Keeping busy, busy, busy!! (part 1)

In a previous post I mentioned that I have plenty to do, to keep myself busy for the hopefully few remaining months, of our wait to referral. Locally there are my favorite girls, the ladies-who-lunch and we try to meet as often as possible. This Saturday I'm meeting Stephanie, a fellow blogger and local adoptive Mom-to-be. This will be the first time that we meet and I know that we'll have a nice lunch together, plus I love meeting new people! In addition there are the upcoming monthly local adopters gatherings which are always so much fun! The next one on the calendar should be a blast as Melissa is hosting it and if anyone can make you laugh, it's her. Can't wait to see what she has planned!

Then there are the baby showers...Yes, three to be exact. There are so many adopters and people trying for a child who find baby showers depressing or sad and avoid them at all costs, but not me...Especially these showers. First, because these showers are for my girly girls but more importantly, each of these showers is one more person who has their referral and has gotten the heck outta my way in the CCAA queue. I love these baby showers, bring them on baby!!

Of course all these showers means shopping!! Since I'm not buying anything for Baby S until we get our referral, except for these socks which I bought Monday while out shopping for others, I now have a reason to shop again. Well, the showers and just a few more gifts for my secret pals and don't let me forget, a wedding gift! Eammon and I have been married for just shy of seven years and as hard as it is to believe, other than our own wedding, we've never been to a wedding together!! Well, all that will change in August and maybe I'll even get him to dance with me.

Well that about sums up our local activities. In part 2 I'll tell you about the activities which will require multiple flights and spending almost as much time traveling within the lower 48 as the flight to China will take. In addition, I still have to update you on Baby S's 100 Good Wishes Quilt but for now I'm going to try and sleep. Obviously it's not just the packing list which is keeping me from sleeping as I made good progress on that today and still have delusions think we can go Carry-on only!!



  1. Ok Lisa, you have GOT to tell us how you're going COO! Seriously, I don't get it. But I'd love to know. I think that would be a great post if you don't mind me saying so! :)

  2. It makes such a difference when you are keeping busy!

    I want to hear about how you are going to go COO, too!

  3. Ooooh Lisa, I love those socks!! I hope your referral comes very, very soon so you can buy countless outfits to go with the socks :). I am so looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

  4. Woman! I cannot believe you are still up at all hours of the night. We are going to have to look into some sleep aids for you. A.K.A. - drugs!

    Hope your feeling rested soon.

  5. Dang you are busy, it's going to be fun though. Get some sleep!


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