Thursday, June 22, 2006

Forty-three days and counting

Well, we're making progress. Slowly, but better than what's happened the past few months. March had only 5 days worth of LIDs producing referrals, 7 days of LIDs for April and 9 for May, so 13 days this month is definitely a step in the right direction.

So, where do Eammon and I stand right now? Well, we have 43 days left before CCAA reaches our log-in-date (LID). If they maintain at least 13 days worth of LIDs for each monthly referral, we'll have our referral in October. If they speed up just a little and refer 15 days of LIDs per month we'll have our referral in September, just days after we return from Barbados! If CCAA does 14 days of LIDs per month we'll miss getting our referral in September by one stinking day and please don't let it happen, but if they fall back to 9 days, we won't be seeing our referral until November...Don't even think about that option. Of course we'd love to see our referral in July or August, but we're not getting our hopes up as we don't want the fall and disappointment when it doesn't happen.

So to all our readers out there, please send positive thoughts, prayers, whatever you do to send good vibes so that referrals speed up to at least 15 days of LIDs per month.


  1. Yes to a Fall referral! Go with September/October and travel while the temperatures are nice but not to cool. How wonderful that progress is being made! Of course we were suppose to have our referral in October too. HA!

  2. Hoping and hoping and sending the best thoughts and good wishes

  3. ~*~*~*~~* Sending cyber thoughts to CCAA~*~*~*~*

    Though we were there in November and it was STINKIN hot!


  4. Thinking good thoughts for you to have her home well before Christmas.

  5. I am so sending the "sooner than later" vibe to CCAA for both of us! Please, please let us get there and back before our paperwork expires.

    Keep thinking positive!

  6. Let's hope they will speed up even more!!! I hoping for full months!!! A gal can wish, can't she????


  7. I've got my fingers crossed for 12 months. If you were logged in in Aug - you'll get your referral this August. :) Lee-Anne

  8. What if your referral comes while you are on holiday? Would that be nuts or what? Murphy's Law!! You guys are getting sooo close... Enjoy Barbados!!!

    Lisa :)

  9. You got it Lisa!!! CCAA doing a whole 12 mos. worth would be wonderful, but any greater number would be FANTABULOUS!!! I can't wait to look into the faces of everyone's beautiful children!!!


  10. Hell, I'm praying for full months again!!!
    If the CCAA is going to stick with a 12month LID to referral, then that's what we can start to see...just maybe??!!!

  11. I am sending a lot of positive vibes your way that the CCAA gets back to referring at least 15 days worth of LID's a month. I am glad that you guys are taking such a nice trip while you finish up your wait!

    Take care,

  12. Crossing my fingers and toes for you...I am a little self-motivated though!!!


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