Monday, February 27, 2006

August Secret Pal strikes again

A big thanks to my August Secret Pal who hooked me up with some wonderful travel items, one of which I had never even heard of before.

First, she sent some cute I.D. tags, a travel package of disposable bibs and wipes, a medicine dropper and she topped it off with a cute card which will be added to Baby S's scrap book. The coolest item, or really the warmest item was the Grab 'n Go Bottle Warmer. I've never seen these and it's really nice. Yes, of course I had to try it out and it works well. Now all I need is my baby who'll need a bottle and I'll be all set.

Thank you August pal, I'll be sorry to see the swap end next month as you've been a wonderful pal and your packages each month have helped with the wait to referral.


  1. That bottle warmer is very "cool" (hehe)! I might have to get myself one for our trip. I keep hearing how some of the babies like really, really warm bottles!

    ~Jodie (fellow Aug. LIDer)

  2. Ok that is just too cool. I am amazed at all of the gadets and dodads associated with parenting! They have baby stuff out now that is new and improved over even when I had my last babies 3 years ago! What great secret pals you have had Lisa, of and we are so going to be there at Classic with pictures to see and cigars to hand out! We are working on a sitter for that night too.

  3. That bottle warmer is pretty slick. I might have to check that out myself. Some secret pals are so clever!


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