Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bobbie and the bean stalk

Eammon and I have been living in Georgia for 6 years and we are currently in our 3rd home. (Please, No more local moves!!) Two years ago we sold our home in gun city Kennesaw to a woman named Bobbie. Now, each time I go by the house and see its current condition, I find myself depressed. I knew when we met her that she wasn't going to do anything good for the house or the neighborhood, but I never thought it would be as bad as it is. Before we moved, all the exterior window frames were freshly painted and the gardens and beds were all weeded and looked really good. Our backyard was a park like setting with a beautiful flower and vegetable garden near the house. Now, the backyard and garden is an overgrown mass of weeds and kudzu. All the window sills as well as the entire back portion of the house, are covered in mold. In the picture above, that side of the house was lined with beautiful, lush daylillies which put on a show to stop traffic. Now it is a mess of weeds and what is with that bean stalk?? That thing got that big in 2 years and it's going to damage the foundation...which I am sure will be *my* fault. See Bobbie blamed me for all her problems when she bought the house and it all started at the closing.

Though the years, between buying, selling and re-fi's, I've probably participated in over a dozen closings and never has one taken more than an hour. Well, that was until Bobbie and her incompetent agent Ken, where the closing took 6 1/2 hours!!! Ken informed us that ALL of his closings take 4 or 5 hours so this was nothing new!!! Can we say useless, incompetent boob! Why they hadn't reviewed the closing documents and didn't have her funding in place was beyond me. Had we not been doing 3 closings back-to-back, I'm sure that we would have walked out. So when did the blame Lisa game start? Well, that would be on the Monday after the closing, when I dropped off the keys to her.

First let me tell you, in Georgia, closings and the transfer of the home is done a little differently. We had our closing on Friday...all frikkin day!! <~~ feel the anger even 2 years later! Saturday, the people whom we were buying from, moved from our new home into the new home that they had just purchased. Sunday was our day to move from Bobbie's home into our new house and then Monday, Bobbie was able to move into her new home. I have never lived anywhere other than here, where the transfer of the home didn't occur at the closing, but oh well. About a week before the closing, I contacted the electric and gas companies to inform them of our move and get the services for both our old and new homes transferred as of the Monday after closing. Bobbie was required to contact the companies too, as she had to be the one to set up service in her name.

Monday morning I meet Bobbie at our old house to give her the keys and the garage remote. She tried the remote and nothing happened so she said to me in her very snotty voice, "guess you couldn't be bothered to put in some fresh batteries, could ya?" I knew that the remote had worked the day before, so I told her that maybe Eammon put the opener into locked mode for safety and that we could check it. So, we went in through the house, out to the garage and there was no little red light. So I thought maybe a circuit tripped, so I went over to the box and turned on the light and *nothing*. Light dawns on Marblehead here, and I asked, "did you have your electricity turned on?" Out comes the snotty voice again where she informed me that she called the electric company and that since I wasn't having the electricity turned off until Monday, she couldn't have her electricity turned on until she called the office on that day. I said that she could have asked for continuation of service and all they do is read the meter. Then I thought to ask her...When did she call? Oh yesterday,(Sunday!!) she "didn't want to pay for me living in her house and using her elecrticity!!" Well OK...maybe that's why the opener didn't work, not the batteries you B****! So, I gave her the keys and she signed off that we didn't do any damage to the house during our move out and I went on my merry way.

Two days later, 5am Wednesday morning our phone rings and it's Bobbie!! She wanted to know what *we* did to her water heater before we moved out, as she needed to take a shower and go to work and there was no hot water. Luckily my brain was was working and immediately asked if she had her gas turned on. Yes, Tuesday they turned it on. So, trying to be nice I let her know that the pilot light was out. Then, she wants me to tell her how to "turn it on"!! No frikkin way!! Just my luck she would do something wrong and it would be my fault. So, I politely inform her that I am no longer the owner of that home nor am I a service technician. If she has a problem with her gas, call the gas company, call a friend, but she was never to call me again. without Bobbie!!! Yeah!!!


  1. I know it's hard to see something that you once took such pride in, fall apart! You did the right thing, telling her to never call you again! Hopefully she won't(when the beanstalk cracks the foundation and floods the basement)! It's not your problem! :)

  2. Grrrrr! I'm mad just reading about Bobbie. Your old house sounds like it used to be very nice too bad Bobbie doesn't keep it up.

  3. Wow, she sounds like a real prize. (NOT!) Sorry you have to deal with her. No, actually make that sorry you *had* to deal with her. Ahhhh, no more Bobbie.

  4. She sounds like a real piece of work. I'm sorry that she let your nice house go like that!

  5. How come there are SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE??? Good grief. That Bobbie sounds like a PITA if I ever heard of one. Aren't you glad you just sold her a house, you don't actually have to be her neighbor????

  6. Been there - done that. I think Bobbie and Kerry knew each other in another life. Kerry being the deadbeat who owned this place...don't get me started ! All I can say is good thing you escaped Kennesaw. Nobody with a right frontal lobe lives there !

  7. Hate to say it... but I've been to Kennesaw and... well what else can you really expect??




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