Wednesday, September 04, 2013

School days and timeline presentation

1236817_10151895558281663_325614613_n Maisie is just loving school and already has had a fun project to do and present.  Maisie adores presenting projects and through her school years has done quite a few.  In first grade she presented as Abe Lincoln, then sang her way through her Water Cycle presentation and finally baked and ate her way through her Landform presentation.  In third grade Maisie did a Timeline presentation of her life from birth to her present day and then she did a huge presentation as Anne Frank

This week Maisie made and presented another timeline, a six-point Timeline of Her Life, Past, Present & Future

I only had my iPhone with me to record so a bit difficult to hear.  It was fun seeing all the children present and oh-so interesting to hear what they see for their future.  They all did a great job with their timelines and presentations. 

Our garden has been overflowing with long beans and one of my favorite ways to prepare them is my recipe, Long Beans with Garlic .  Such a simple and delicious preparation.  I generally make these with butter but lately have been using ghee or coconut oil instead and they’re just as wonderful.  Click on the link or the picture to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.

Long beans with garlic



  1. Anonymous5:59 PM

    At your daughters school do they always do presentations in front of parents at school? also love garlic with beans and other things, still want to try coconut oil. Don't know why I haven't yet.

    sorry I don't have a blog


  2. Maisie's presentation is so darn cute. I know I said this on FB, but I love how she plans to have gray hair and teach her grandchildren gymnastics. What a sweetheart!


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