Sunday, June 23, 2013

Catching up on June

10072_10151702359306663_37281707_n eI am trying here, trying to get caught up with my blogging.  As this is Maisie’s scrap book, I really need to keep it going and up to date otherwise there will be no pictures or stories for her to look back on one day.  I did my major catch up post of the things that kept us busy in May so now to catch up to present day.  June began with a little time off as Maisie’s gym was closed for a few days before her team camp, so we took full advantage of the rare days off.  Maisie and I spent some days biking along the Silver Comet Trail.  It’s an easy ride along the trail, shaded and pretty flat which is great for Maisie as she doesn’t have any gears. 

941427_10151703996556663_625045190_n e Play dates, Maisie wanted play dates!!  Her first was at Alyssa’s home where the girls spent time at the pool and riding their bikes.  When I arrived to pick Maisie up, the girls were in matching outfits and each girl matched her bike.  Such little cuties!  Before we left Alyssa’s the girls decided what they were going to wear the following day when the play date was at our home.

photo (8)ePlay date number 2 and the girls match again!  They had written out a full schedule of all the activities they wanted to do together and over the course of the day they accomplished their entire list.  First up, make-up!!

601233_10151705634551663_291988947_n eThankfully time in the sprinkler and water play came next as it helped wash off the less than subtle make-up.

photo eA little time relaxing in the sun, enjoying a snack and having their personal talk time.

photo (1) eThey did make-up so of course they had to do their hair as well.  The girls enjoyed two days together and when it was time to say goodbye they didn’t want to leave one another.  So nice having good friends.

657_10151707509276663_1857711459_n,jpg eThe next play date was not only for Maisie but for me too as it was a day out at Lisa & Briana’s home.  We arrived at Lisa’s home and the girls immediately disappeared up to Briana’s play room.  It wasn’t until they got hungry that we heard from them.  After lunch the girls enjoyed some popsicles and then after a little more inside play they decided to play outside in the sprinklers.

IMG_1927 aa eI still haven’t figured this one out but the girls love to play with umbrellas in the sprinkler to avoid getting wet.  

IMG_1933 (1)  aa eLisa filled a bucket with water, I think to fill squirt toys but Maisie decided that she needed to sit in it and not to be left out, Bri too needed a bucket so the two of them could sit in buckets of water…I’m telling you, they are fun and silly girls!

936945_10151976219613448_900573315_n,jpg eAfter a few days off it was finally time for team camp.  

photo (2) eMaisie with the guest coaches and her summer training group.

947270_10151712999671663_1821617242_nAt the end of the first camp day the younger gymnasts went bowling where Maisie had a blast hanging with her friends.

996149_10151713005236663_2005292618_nAfter bowling I took Alyssa & Maisie out for pizza as Uncle Maddio’s (which has gluten free & vegan Maisie “safe” pizza) was right around the corner and the girls were starving.

936430_10151719856181663_1354443551_n eFirst day of summer practice schedule and Maisie was happy to be back at the gym with her teammates.

969722_10151469502499205_1815169289_nWe had some big storms pass though the area.  Thankfully we were safe, just some overturned plants & patio furniture but from our family room windows we could see the top of the tornado as it hit just a couple of streets away from us.

206898_10151725055896663_2080447672_nWhen we realized that the tornado was so close we donned our bike helmets and took cover.

Maisie had a couple other play dates at friend’s homes but not piccies  :-(

I really haven’t seen Maisie do much tumbling on the floor so it was great to see her do round-off, double back handspring, back tuck.  She makes it look oh-so easy!

Now that I’m caught up to date with my postings, hopefully I’ll stay caught up!

Believe it or not, I posted another new recipe on my other currently neglected blog, Cook Lisa Cook.  This recipe is for Cheesy Cauli Mashed “Potatoes”, a delicious lower carb version of traditional mashed potatoes and just as delicious.  Click on the link or the picture to be taken to the recipe.

Cheesy cauli mashed potatoes

More delicious cauliflower recipes on Cook Lisa Cook include:   Buffalo Cauliflower, Cauliflower with Seared Peppers and Caramelized Onions & Garlic, Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Cauli-Rice, Roasted Cauliflower & Aloo Gobi.



  1. What awesome fun! You guys are always creating great memories. I love the water gun picture! Maise is growing so much.

  2. Always a good time seeing you and Miss M! Looks like Miss M has had an awesome June so far!


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