Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lifeguard in training

This season at our subdivision’s pool we have some female lifeguards who are just awesome.  They are extremely attentive in watching over the people in and around the pool and making sure that everyone safe, they’re always happy to see everyone and help out and they keep the pool area nicely cleaned up and orderly.  In addition, almost immediately they knew the names of all the children and are so very sweet with them and their desire to help out with testing the water, cleaning out the traps or any other project that the lifeguards may be doing.

photo (7)eMaisie loves learning about testing the pool water.

photo (9)eEven more fun is counting out and adding five drops of some chemical and Maisie remembers which ones and how to add each.

photo (10)eMixing everything together.

photo (11)eFinally, checking the numbers to make sure that everything is where it should be. 

Maisie’s already had some busy weeks between Elite Team Gymnastics Camp, VBS and her regular gymnastics practices so she hasn’t been able to spend quite as much time at the pool as she’d like but another two weeks and we’ll have more free days to play at the pool.

And because I promised more recipes, this is a new potato salad recipe for me and according to Eammon, “the best potato salad ever!”  I thought it pretty awesome too and it will most likely be my go-to potato salad recipe from here on out.IMG_7864eI have of course posted the recipe for this Potato Salad with Bacon over on Cook Lisa Cook so head on over and make this wonderful recipe for your next dinner, gathering or BBQ as I think you’ll find it a keeper too.


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  1. It is just so cute the things that kids are interested in. Helping to test the pool water would be one of the LAST things on my agenda while at a pool. LOL!


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