Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebrating Katie’s 5th Birthday

Yesterday Maisie attended Katie’s 5th birthday party at Catch Air.  The facility has numerous inflatable bouncies which immediately had Maisie less than thrilled.  The noise of the fans which power the inflatables still triggers some anxiety for Maisie but after a short while she found some equipment that she enjoyed. 

photo (23)eTrying to climb slippery metal poles with socks on isn’t easy.

photo (20)eSlippery poles and socks didn’t stop Maisie from reaching the top.

IMG_2119e Maisie on the one inflatable that she decided to enjoy.

Maisie absolutely adored the child-sized exercise equipment and spent most of her time “working out.”photo (18)eA little cardio on a pint-sized Air Walker.

photo (17)eI remember from years ago an infomercial for a contraption like this Happy Rider.

photo (14)eOn the Twister working those obliques.

photo (12)The Rower took a good amount of effort.

photo (16)eSome good old-fashioned work on the Weight Bench.  

photo (8)eMore cardio on the Happy Bike.

photo (11)eFinally a little run on the Tread Mill.

photo (9)eIt took a while but Maisie finally got the hang of this hand pedaled cart.

IMG_2150eMaisie & Bri  (photo by Lisa F)

IMG_2151eMaisie, Bri & Chani (photo by Lisa F) 

photo (7)eAfter all the fun playtime all the children gathered together before heading into their party room for cake.

photo (3)eBirthday girl Katie.

photo (2)eBriana

photo (1)eChani

photo (6)eMy little Princess Maisie.

Maisie has had a busy two weeks, first with Team Gymnastics Camp and then without even a day off, a week of VBS.  So, after all the exercise and play at the it’s no wonder that Maisie fell fast asleep on the drive home.  Until I looked at the pictures, I guess I didn’t realize just how much activity she had done.

Another new recipe in my attempt to post more over on Cook Lisa Cook.       IMG_7854e14Coffee Crusted Steak served with Potato Salad with Bacon.  Something about this coffee crusted steak intrigued me in part because the original recipe used hazelnut coffee and it just seemed interesting.  I debated with myself on using flavored coffee and almost wimped out but in the end I used a chocolate coffee and the steak was awesome!!  Thing about this steak is that when you serve it, no one will really be able to tell that the coating is coffee but I guarantee that they’ll love the flavor.  I hope that you’ll give this recipe a try and let me know what you think.

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  1. I think Maisie tried every piece of exercise equipment they had in the place! LOL!

  2. Oh my gosh, Maisie on that mini exercise equipment was a HOOT. And all those little girls were so darn cute!


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