Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hand in Hand with big sisters

Saturday I took Maisie and her classmate Maya out to participate in a tea party & Chinese cooking day with the Chinese big sisters & brothers group.  Maisie and I haven’t done an activity with this group since a swim party forever ago (my gosh I hadn’t realized that it’s been so long) and we really need to do more because they are a fabulous group of young people and do a fantastic job with all their programs

IMG_5647aThe girls started the afternoon by making chef hats.  They each decorated the headband and then the poof was added. 

IMG_5652Maisie with her finished hat.  

IMG_5654Maisie, Maya & friend modeling their chef hats. 

IMG_5658Maisie & Maya were then paired up with their big sisters Brooke & Julie.

IMG_5662Brooke & Julie took the girls up to the playground to play. 

IMG_5667When the girls got tired of the playground, their big sisters took them for a walk.

IMG_5671Maisie then tried bubble tea and loved it.  (She’s actually had bubble tea before but it’s been quite a while and she didn’t remember it)

IMG_5673Maya wasn’t too sure about those bubbles in her tea and in the end chose not to try the drink.

IMG_5678The children then gathered to watch Natalie Keng teach them how to make dumplings. 

IMG_5687Working on making their dumplings.

IMG_5700While the dumplings were being cooked the girls played a few rounds of bingo learning to count in Mandarin.

IMG_5712The dumplings and all the food was a big hit with the girls, they thought it all delicious.

IMG_5717Julie, Karen, Brooke, Maya & Maisie

After more time on the playground and a few more walks it was time to say goodbye and thank you to the big sisters.  Maisie & Maya had a great day with all the big sisters but especially Julie & Brooke who hung with them the entire time.   A big thank you to all the big sisters and we’re looking forward to our next event…and hopefully our time between events won’t be as long as last time.


  1. What a great activity. I am so jealous that you can play in the park. We were 37 today. I need warm. You guys have so many great friends. That is awesome.

  2. Wow, a great time; amazing that group shares these activities. Wonderful!
    I will have to check out our area for a similar group.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. Awesome! I definitely need to get some more info on that program from you. I think I'd like to check it out for Bri.

  4. What a great day! I would love to find a "big sister" type group here for Rachel. So fun!


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