Saturday, October 09, 2010

October Best Meet

Maisie and her teammates headed out to Cartersville, Georgia this afternoon to compete in the October Best Meet hosted by the Cartersville Twisters, their first away meet!  I really didn’t know how Maisie would do as she missed a week of practice as well as the September meet when we were away on our cruise and then she missed an additional practice when she was sick, being in a strange gym and also her overall not being quite herself lately but she, as well as all the other girls on her team brought their best and had a wonderful meet.

IMG_2629aHere’s my sassy little gymnast, full of attitude.

IMG_2541aMaisie this morning with her hair sticky with gel so that I could fix her buns.

IMG_2549aMy little cutie with her buns and wearing the bows that I made for all the girls.

IMG_2552aMaisie, Gracie & Tia before the meet.

IMG_2556aCaroline, Taylor, Maisie, Gracie & Tia.

IMG_2564aTeammates Aspen, Caroline, Tia, Maisie, Gracie & Mara.

The gym was not set up well for taking a video but I did my best so it's not great angles and it's wiggly and is-what-it-is but it's my girl. Also no flash photography is allowed during meets so I don't have any still pictures from the meet.

IMG_2594aWaiting for the medal ceremony to begin.

IMG_2599aVault final:  1st ~ Maisie, Joint 2nd ~ Savannah & Taylor, 4th ~ Caroline.

IMG_2602aBars final:  Joint 1st ~ Aspen & Savannah, 3rd ~ Maisie, 4th ~ Caroline.

IMG_2606aBeam final:  1st ~ Caroline, Joint 2nd ~ Aspen & Savannah, Joint 4th ~ Taylor & Maisie.

IMG_2610aFloor final:  1st ~ Taylor, 2nd ~ Aspen, 3rd ~ Maisie, 4th ~ Savannah.

IMG_2616aAll Around winners: 1st ~ Maisie, 2nd ~ Aspen, 3rd ~ Savannah, 4th ~ Taylor.

IMG_2630aMaisie with her four event medals and All Around trophy.  Congratulations Maisie and all the North Metro Level 2 girls on a great meet and doing your best!

IMG_2643aAfter the meet everyone was hungry so Gracie & her Mom Dawn and Maisie and I continued the fun and girl time and ate lots of good food together.  At the end of the day Maisie and Gracie didn’t want to go home and were begging to go to each others home for play dates and sleepovers…so very cute these little girls!

Maisie once again had a blast at the meet, loved competing and being there with her teammates and is looking forward to her third and final meet of the season mid-November.  Next year we’ll have to plan our travel schedule better so that she doesn’t miss any meets and also so that we’re not away, as we’ll be this year, for state meet in December.


  1. Huge congratulations to Maisie!!! Way to go sweetie!

    (And Lisa, I'm loving those awesome bows)

  2. Way to go Maisie!! Love the bows and good job at the meet.

    We didn't do this meet. Our next one is the Rocktober, then Pumpkin Patch and then Nifty November. Maybe you guys will be at that one.

  3. Go Maisie!!! Congratulations!
    Lisa, I LOVE those bows. All of the girls just look so adorable and happy. :)

  4. Way to go Maisie!! You're amazing! Loved watching the video and seeing you in action. Three cheers!!!

  5. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Congratulations, Maisie. You did great!!!!

    Ilene, Michael and April

  6. AWESOME job, way to go Maisie!!!

  7. Whoohoo Maisie! Cutest little gymnast ever!!!


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