Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Maisie and some school friends

Maisie & MiaWhen Maisie arrived at school this morning, her friend Olivia handed her and her classmate Maya birthday presents.  Maya turned 7 last Saturday and Maisie will turn 5 on the 17th.  This is Maisie’s first My little Pony and she enjoyed playing with it between school and gymnastics.  Maisie also wrote a very cute thank you note which she’ll give to Olivia tomorrow.

Maisie & RoseWhile I had my cell phone out, another of Maisie’s classmates Rose, asked that I take a picture of her with Maisie.  Maisie and all her classmates are so cute together and they all get along amazingly well.  I’m so happy that Maisie loves her classmates and being at school, she looks forward to going each morning and that makes for easy starts to our days.


  1. She is growing up before my eyes. I cannot believe where we were 4 years ago just waiting for our daughters. Maisie is so cute. Happy Birthday little one!

  2. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Maisie is four ! I can barely believe this. When I read the type of subjects she is studying and the type of tests she had I gasped. My two are eight and nine both struggling with the subjects Maisie is breezing through. Now when I see how much bigger her classmates are it brings home how young Maisie is. She is in a class with gifted boys and girls who are seven. Maisie is still only four. What an amazing little girl.


  3. It looks like Maisie is able to make friends easily. I was also surprised when you reminded us that she's still just four. I think of her as a peer of my two girls and they're both 6! She's an amazingly talented little girl. Oh, and such a cutie too! You're such a lucky mommy!

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