Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Halloween play date...A fun ending to a very long week

This week has felt like one extremely l.o.n.g week. Maisie's birthday party on Saturday was great and Sunday was a quiet day at home with all of us just a bit over tired, recuperating from too much sugar and not feeling 100%, but an okay day.

Monday I awoke with a sore throat but Maisie said she was feeling better even though her nose was streaming, it was running clear so I gave her some allergy meds before taking her to school. When I picked her up though her teacher Miss. Nancy said that Maisie had been dragging, said she was too tired to participate during phys. ed. and just didn't seem to feel well. Maisie barely stayed awake during the drive home and willingly and quickly climbed into bed for a nap so I knew that she was not feeling great. After nap we spent a quiet afternoon at home playing with play-doh and doing puzzles instead of going to ballet. At bedtime Maisie was ready and willing to go straight to bed so an early night it was and she slept through the night.

Tuesday morning Maisie had no desire to get out of bed and asked if she could go back to sleep, a first for her, so we slept in and I kept her home from school. In the afternoon she took a brief nap, said that she was feeling better and wanted to go to gymnastics practice and since she hadn't been running any fever and I thought it just allergies bothering her, we went and she had a good practice.

Wednesday morning Maisie was up early and had a good day at school but was quite tired when I picked her up and she willingly took another good nap. Wednesdays are nice because we have no after-school activities so we spent a quiet afternoon at home together.

Thursday morning Maisie said that her throat hurt a little but it looked okay and I was still thinking that it was just her allergies as there was no fever so after some more allergy meds I took her to school. She had a good day at school and once home really fought nap time, only sleeping for about 35 minutes. When she awoke she said she wanted to go to gymnastics so we headed off to practice. Once at the gym though Maisie did not want to be there and I could tell that she just wasn't into it and didn't want to participate, which is highly unusual, so about 20 minutes into the practice I pulled her and we headed home. She and I had a quick dinner and then she asked if she could get into bed and play her Leapster, which she did and just before 7PM she was fast asleep.

Friday morning Maisie had her four-year-old physical which worked out well as I could also get some advice on her week of not feeling well. I was correct in my assumption that it was allergies bothering Maisie and the doctor has me doubling up on one of her meds for the next week and said that within a week she should be feeling better, and I'm very much looking forward to having her better. The doctor said that Maisie is doing great and growing well. In the past year she gained 4 pounds, now weighing 30.5 pounds (13th percentile) and she grew 3 inches now measuring 39.5 inches tall (43rd percentile). Poor little Maisie though got four injections and the flu mist so not a happy visit for her. On the way out she received a token to get a prize from one of the gumball type machines and she got a little toy dolphin along with a princess sticker and a lollipop so that made her happy.

After the doctor we headed over to Lisa & Briana's house for a Halloween play date. Lisa went all out having her house decked out for the holiday, crafts for the girls to do and even goodie bags for the girls to take home. Everyone brought food for lunch but Lisa and Angela really went with the Halloween theme with Lisa making ghost and pumpkin shaped sandwiches for the little girls and Angela made an adorable veggie plate skeleton. I on the other hand didn't do anything that cute but I contributed pumpkin blondies which were quite delish even if I do say so myself. I feel as if I haven't done a play date in ages so it was fun to be with all the girls and the Moms.

After the play date Maisie and I headed over to the gym as they were having team pictures taken. By this time though she was really tired and her injection sites were hurting so she was less than happy. She did sleep in the car for about 20 minutes but was just so uncomfortable. She was good for the photographer but kept asking when we could go home. Once home she only wanted to get into bed but I made her eat a little dinner, gave her some ibuprofen and her allergy meds then we both climbed into bed and we both were asleep before 7PM.

I'm glad that it's only allergies that have been bothering her and I do hope that the increased allergy meds help her feel better, and soon! We have only one thing planned over the weekend and as it's supposed to be quite cold it will be good to stay in, get some extra rest and hopefully start the week on a healthier note.

Briana & Mary Lin working on their crafts.
Liene helping Emilija with her craft.
Halee and Laney working on their crafts.
Maisie showing off her craft.
Angela's veggie skeleton.
Lisa's adorable ghost & pumpkin PBJ sandwiches for the little girls.
Maisie & Briana enjoying the computer together.


  1. great pictures! Maisie is so pretty!

  2. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Too cute!

    Love the veggie skeleton.

  3. I'm so glad you and Maisie could make it on Friday! We had such a good time. And Briana really loves spending time with Maisie. And your sweets were so totally yummy. (I'm stealing a few piccies!)


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