Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mark as read

I have been without my computer for over a week due to a Trojan that took up residence on my computer and caused Eammon hours and hours worth of work trying to clean up and restore my system. It's so nice to have my computer back but being over a week behind in almost everything I use my computer for is daunting. I've made sure that all our financial stuff is secure, I've researched a few items that I've needed to look into, I've added some back dated posts to both this and my Maisie Eats bento blogs and now I'm catching up on my email and trying to read some blogs. But oh my gosh, being over a week behind in reading blogs is just crazy as you people are quite prolific and as much as I hate to do it, to keep my sanity I must hit that "mark as read" button and start fresh.

On a more positive note let me first congratulate my Utah bloggy bash gal pal Lisa who now holds her sweet little Tate in her arms. I'm so excited that in just a few weeks Maisie and I will meet Tate when we head out to Utah for a visit.

Last Friday Maisie and I along with Kathy & Chani headed over to Lisa & Briana's home for some playtime, lunch and best of all, adult conversation...even if 99% of it was about the kids. It was nice spending time with friends and oh how much fun the girls had playing together and being silly. Head on over to Lisa's blog as she was the only one bright enough to have a camera with her that day.

This week Maisie started gymnastics camp and much to her glee our new neighbors K & A are attending along with her. When we first arrived at the gym Monday morning the three of them grabbed hands to walk in together, so stinking cute!! All three had a fabu day at the gym and are looking forward to going back again which is great especially as Maisie's attending camp almost every week this summer. Three days a week of gymnastic camp in addition to her two weekly practices, I'm going to have one very happy little girl as we all know, to Maisie the gym is nirvana.

Today we had a fun day starting with Maisie going over to K & A's home in her P.J's to have a pancake breakfast then all three kids came over here to play and have lunch until it was time to head to her practice. It's so fun having neighbor children that are about the same age as Maisie and especially great is that they play together so well.

Well I'm about as caught up on this blog as I can be so it's off to bed and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my computer problems are behind me and that I get caught up again with everything else.

Ta and goodnight!


  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Your husband is an absolute star to spend so much time getting your computer working. Especially as I happen to know his computer was just fine because he has 2 levels of firewalls on his. You should cook him something fabulous to let him know just how great he is.

    Signed Anonymous large-boned Anglo Irish balding rugby guy.

  2. Eammon is too funny. I can't wait till you get here!

  3. LOL! I am totally cracking up at Eammon's comment!

    So good to see you and Maisie on Friday!

  4. LOL! Eammon is a hoot! What did ya feed him as a thank you?

    Fun times at gymnastics camps! Hope we're able to see some videos of your cutie in action!

  5. I agree with the anon large-boned Anglo Irish balding rugby guy....your hubby is terrific. Good thing he can toot his own horn. Hee hee. Glad you are back!


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