Saturday, October 27, 2007

One day, two parties

It's 7:30 PM and both Maisie and Eammon are sound asleep and I'm not far behind as we had a busy day. We were up early this morning and after bundling up in cold weather gear, (because this IS Atlanta and it WAS below 60 degrees) including Maisie wearing her adorable hat from Julie & Tess, we headed out to the Children's Museum to celebrate Alexander's second birthday. Maisie, the other children and all the adults had a great time at the party and then we all enjoyed playing in the museum.

PA270019 Unfortunately my camera battery decided to die on me so I don't have pictures. Also unfortunate, despite all our best efforts and noise making, Maisie fell asleep for the last 15 minutes of the drive home totally messing her up for a real and/or longer nap so come later in the afternoon she was less than cooperative or pleasant. That though didn't stop us from attending our second party of the day, a Halloween party at Theresa's. The real party started at 7PM but she invited those of us with little ones over for a 6PM pre-party. Though tired and not at her best, Maisie still managed to charm everyone she met and when we left at 6:45 she gave kisses all around. Overall another fun and exciting day in the life of Maisie.


  1. What a party goin' family. We have been stuck home doing yard work. Glad to see someone had fun! She looks so darling in that hat. What a cutie.

  2. Doesn't it just suck when they fall asleep just before getting home?!!! I have to watch Harry and ask him question and talk to him, so he doesn't go to sleep!!! (yes, he's 6, and still falls asleep all the time in the car!)

  3. what a fun day! 2 parties? Wahoo!!

    Maisie looks adorable in her little hat too!

  4. Glad you guys had fun at both parties. Maisie looks so adorable in that hat!

  5. Exhaustion is the price of being so popular Miss Maisie. ;)

    Really love the cute, cute hat and jacket.


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