Sunday, October 28, 2007

Anyone up for SeaWorld?

About a month ago, after having such a good time and great trip to Utah, I tried to plan one last trip for Maisie and I before she turned two, but with short notice and our busy schedule it just didn't work out. Well we got antsy and you just can't keep these traveling girls home, so I decided to sneak in one more trip before December when Eammon, Maisie and I head to Aruba for a couple of weeks of fun in the sun.

PA280044 Maisie and I will be heading to Orlando the beginning of November and visiting with my parents in LaLa Land. I had considered taking Maisie to SeaWorld while in Florida as she loves watching fish. Then today I took her down to the Georgia Aquarium and the girl was in fish heaven. The entire time we were at the aquarium I heard a chant of ooh, aah, wow, fish, more fish! So SeaWorld is now a definite on our schedule and we would love to meet up with any fellow bloggers who are up for a day of fish. If you want to join us on Tuesday, November 6 let me know by sending an email to as we'd love to meet-up and have a fun day with some of our bloggy friends.


  1. The commute to Sea World is a little far but I'm glad you had such a great day at the acquarium and hopefully you'll find some bloggy friends who are up for a day of fun with da fishies! Wish I could be there. I'll catch up with you another time.

  2. Oh that looks like some good fishy fun!! I'm psyched that you booked a SeaWorld trip too, you girls are such awesome travelers!


  3. What a good mama you are! Your daughter will be well versed and well travelled at such a young age!

  4. Too cute!

    Happy travels!

  5. I think I'll be able to do that... I'm off that day... but it will depend on weather or not I can find a dog sitter! :O)

  6. The girls and I should be able to make it to Sea World. I would love to see Ella and Maisie together again:)

  7. We would love to join you and meet Maisie and some other bloggers...

  8. How fun!
    That reminds me... I NEED A VACATION!

  9. Maisie looks so cute! She is in awe!

    I can't wait to take Briana to the aquarium!

  10. That sounds like fun...wish we could join you.

    Happy everything!

    Karyn, Jim, Kai

  11. I am sooooo bummed that I missed this post! I am behind in my reading. We have passes to SeaWorld and would have loved to meet up with ya!! sigh.....

    Lisa :)


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