Friday, March 23, 2007

Couch, bench, it's all the same

Today I took Maisie to a local store that was holding a little petting zoo and taking Easter photos.

P3230112a Well as you can see, Maisie was not going to sit pretty and have her picture taken with all the cute bunnies and lambs, no way, no how! Seems if there's a couch, bench or chair and posing needs to happen, little Miss Maisie is having no part of it. To check out her previous couch photos, click here, here and here.

Just so you don't think Maisie is a screaming banshee all the time, check out how cute she looked all dressed up both yesterday and today...not that I'm biased or anything!


Sleep update: For the past two weeks, Maisie has not been in bed with me, she's slept only in the p-n-p. Even bigger and more important news, for the past 6 nights she's pretty much slept through the night. She usually wakes once around midnight making sure I'm still there then sleeps until around 6:45am where I can generally coax her back to sleep until closer to 8am. Compared to her previous sleep pattern of waking up screaming every 1.5-2 hours, life is looking up. Funny thing is, now that she's getting more sleep than ever before at night, she's actually starting to nap a few days a week. Odd, but shoot I'll take it!


  1. Long time Viewer just wanting to say how DARN CUTE Maisie is:) I enjoy reading your blog and seeing how much she has changed in such a short period of time.
    (My neice just moved to Buckhead area of Atlanta and is working at Van Micheal)

  2. Oh how cute! Love the hat and dress :-) To bad about the bunnies - maybe next year - Right?

  3. Poor Miss Maisie! Perhaps she should only be photographed when standing, I shouldn't laugh.... Send her our love.

    She has teeth, lots of teeth. Kai is just starting to cut some of his side teeth (cuspids, molars?). He has some catching up to do.

    Big congrats on her progress on the sleep front. That is huge news.

    If you feel like coming to VA in July let us know.
    Miss you all.
    Karyn, Jim, Kai

  4. Whooeeeee, that is some serious bunny hatred... :-) That's ok, our girls screamed at Santa and I bet that'll be my favorite Christmas photo ever.

    I think we're going to attempt the Easter bunny photo tomorrow. Wish us luck!

  5. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Those absolutely beautiful photos...thanks for sharing them...and well as Easter is also round the corner i'd like you to visit my blog on Easter Wishes and Greetings and check out all the wonderful stuff it's filled up with!!!

  6. Hooray for the new sleeping patterns! Her dress up pictures are just too cute. I love the hats.

  7. Oh thank goodness you are getting some sleep relief from the sweetheart who has an aversion to sitting down with holiday characters ;0)

  8. I just love Maisie in the outfit with the hat - too cute! And congrats on the sleep, yippee! One day you will forget what it was like to get up all the time and then she will get up one night after a few months and you will did I ever live like that? Time helps everything.

  9. Maisie sure isn't too crazy about those rabbits! :)

    I absolutely love the outfits! She is adorable!

  10. Awww, she's SO cute!! She's coming around with the sleeping thing too, YAY!! Cherish those "holiday screaming banshee" photos, they're priceless! :)

  11. I couldn't help but smile looking at her couch/bench photos (now and in the past)- she is cute even when she's crying!

  12. Yeah for sleep! The whole world looks better when we're getting the sleep we need. Funny thing about the naps!

    Adorable pics of sweet Maisie. Too bad she didn't like the bunnies...but it did make for a fun pic. Mommy to the rescue soon after that I'm sure. What a cutie!

  13. Of course you are biased - she's your very cute daughter! :)

  14. She is so pretty in pink!

    I'm glad you both are getting more rest. Take care!

  15. yay maisie! i've been told that "sleep begets sleep", so it makes sense that if she's sleeping well at night, she'll also nap well.

    and, of course, she's so cute in her easter dress!

  16. Poor little dear with those bunnies. Too cute. She does look absolutely adorable in her hats though. What a cutie-pie. Hope all is well.
    Aloha, Bailey :o)

  17. Could that kid be any cuter?
    Congrats on the sleeping.

  18. Anonymous3:44 PM

    She looks ADORABLE but I think my favorite is her in the red checked blouse!!!!!!!!

  19. I'm a "dress" girl but I just adore Maisie's pant outfit here. She looks AWESOME in it! She's getting so big!!!! :)

  20. That is too funny. She still looks cute even though she's screaming.

  21. Poor bunny. It just wanted to love on Maisie. Maybe next year she'll be more interested in these things. I haven't even tried Madelyn with pets yet.

  22. Your daughter is darling. The picture on the bench with the bunnies is so cute it about broke my heart...


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