Saturday, May 13, 2006


First, Happy Mother's day to all the Moms out there, even those who are still waiting...Our babies will be here soon...Hopefully!

Second, we must have the smartest child in the world. She hasn't even been matched to us, yet she was able to send me a Mother's day card from Atlanta!

As of this past Wednesday, May 10th, our dossier has been logged in at the CCAA for 9 months. I'm overdue, I'm cranky and ready for our little girl to be here already. So, in an attempt to turn my mood around I'm avoiding the boards and rumors and trying to do some fun things.

Saturday morning I got together with Cindy and I got a sneak peak at their nursery. The furniture, crib and fabric she has picked out are all lovely and I can't wait to see the finished room. Afterwards, she and I engaged in a little retail therapy. She found a number of really cute sun dresses and Eammon was quite pleased with my purchases, or lack there of. I only bought one cute little pair of sandals which weren't even for Baby S! After all our shopping we had to revive ourselves so off to a Cuban/Caribbean restaurant where we each had a wonderful jerk chicken sandwich.

I came home and actually got pictures of two of the little monsters that are destroying my garden. Sure, they look all cute and cuddly, but they're evil, evil I tell you! If they'd eat the weeds I wouldn't mind so much, but NOOOOOO, they feast on all my tender flowering plants! If anyone out there knows how to rid my yard of these demons, please let me know.

Eammon and I were going to go out and bundle up all the branches I had cut earlier in the week but luckily I was saved by the bell, or a phone call. Daphne called saying she was in the neighborhood so I convinced her to come over and visit. Greg volunteered to take all my cut branches to the dump, so he and Eammon loaded up his truck and saved me yet again from having to deal with all of it. The best part of their visit though was the playtime Eammon and I had with Emily...and the sandals not only matched her outfit, but they fit her perfectly!!

Daphne then helped me out by suggesting we join them in going out for dinner (at the restaurant she and I decided we wanted) and of course Eammon quickly agreed, so I got out of cooking too!! Even better to top off the day, my dinner was FREE!! Not because anything was wrong, but because it was the week of my birthday.

Once again, happy Mother's Day and I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Happy Mother's day to you!!!!

  2. Now that sounds like a GREAT day. Emily gets cuter everyday and it looks like Eammon is having fun too.

    Happy M-Day!

  3. One more thing, the bunnies were eating my garden too and I got some deer off from Lowes. It smells like...well it smells like pee but it really works. It keeps the deer out of my Hostas and the bunnies out of my flowers.

    It's natural, natural stink!!!

  4. Happy Mom's Day, Lisa!! Next year, we will all be celebrating with our little ones!

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Lisa. And yes, we deserve crankiness because we are overdue! I only wish there was something we could do to induce our referrals!

  6. Do you want to borrow my dog Rylee? I'm telling you the bunnies would no longer be an issue!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy Mother's Day.... 9 months???? Whew it is time you get your Baby S!!!


  8. Sounds like you had a really great weekend (except for those cute little bunnies...uh, I mean those TERRIBLE MONSTER RABBITS).


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