Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maisie turns 9!!!

1904136_10152840542166663_3330725821085472951_n How can my wee little Maisie Miao Miao be nine already???  Seriously the years are passing much too quickly for this Mama!  I will say though, I love the young lady my girl has become.  She is a sweet, kind-hearted, loving, fun, smart, talented, strong-willed and all-around fabulous kid and though she can sometimes drive me batty, I wouldn’t change one little thing about my A-Maisie-ing girl!  This year for her birthday party Maisie wanted a repeat of last year’s birthday, but instead of just having it just be a pajama party, she wanted to extend it to an actual sleepover.  

1920528_10152876372611663_4727812548619390525_nAs the girls arrived, they happily played in the yard.

10351386_10152876372856663_7526725044740305806_nThere was of course a bit of gymnastics.

10421227_10152876372761663_7639454868671919359_nAnd twirling around…and this was all before the sugar of cupcakes and candy! 

10801556_10152876372451663_7472995979460378578_nThe girls roasted hotdogs over the fire pit for dinner and then it was time for “happy birthday cupcakes” as Maisie calls them.


16175_10152875756046663_3138565960954537381_nSarah really gets into eating her cupcake!

10636283_10152875755916663_7229097762732865774_nNext it was time to open presents!!

IMG_2715Everyone in the picture!!

10153795_10152875755471663_6863743044475329707_nMaisie opening the gift from Briana.

10177455_10152875755781663_5114963882414492841_nAnother fun gift from Alyssa.

10689568_10152875755676663_6546175512566179146_nHugging on Aspen for her gift!

10352198_10152875755386663_6003352038530408338_nMore hugs, opening the gift from Sarah.    

1919664_10152875755296663_4905902269712744367_nAnd the biggest gift bag came from April!

10438572_10152875755211663_1558851149126873838_nMore birthday hugs!

IMG_2734(photo by Lisa F) A little more time was spent running through the neighborhood with flashlights and then it was time to roast marshmallows, for one last sugar high of the night.

554542_10152875755116663_6720190231188297583_nIt got cold outside for the girls so they happily changed into their PJ’s.

10730986_10152843976141663_6605542425190304458_nSarah gave Maisie matching pj’s!

10599523_10152876372281663_989619498109794283_nCute little twinnies!!

10402033_10152875754836663_8412495575093366821_nThe girls laid out their sleeping bags on some mats and happily settled in to watch Despicable Me.  The movie ended just past midnight and though Briana left for the night, all the other girls were fast asleep within minutes of the movie ending.  We were surprised that even Maisie, who still only and happily sleeps in bed with us each night, was fast asleep too…well until 1:23 am when I thought I heard someone heading to the bathroom only to have Maisie jump into bed with me, gleefully giggling and excited to be in her “safe and comforting” place.  In the morning when we heard the girls stirring, Maisie returned to the family room to join her friends. 

10712817_10152875754636663_7960356959728432698_nBreakfast was another sugar fest, donuts requested by the birthday girl.

10676254_10152875754751663_289736757455496685_nFor the first time ever, Alyssa found a food served in my home to her liking!!  And yes, she did finish all ten of those donuts plus a few more she begged off the other girls.  Then she topped it all off with two cupcakes leftover from the previous night.  Soon after breakfast she was picked up by her dad to go to Church.  Hmm…not sure if her parents will ever allow her to come play at our home again!!

560167_10152875754576663_3520770808796000863_nThe party ended with the girls playing iSpy on the Wii.  

It was a fun 9th birthday and Maisie loved spending time with her friends and loved all the gifts.  Thanks everyone for coming to Maisie’s party and making her birthday so fun and special!


  1. Looks like a fun party! Just wondered how long you intend to let Maisie sleep in your bed?

  2. Happy belated birthday!


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