Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Fun Meet 2013

1003359_10151858819326663_947974442_n Saturday morning Maisie competed at a home meet, Summer Fun FestMaisie competed as a “new” USA level 5.  Maisie was the only level 5 from her gym and she competed against three other (and much older) girls from another gym.  Maisie was quite stressed during warm-up but when it came time to compete she did an A-Maisie-ing job.

This was a score out meet for Maisie and she easily got her score so she’s finished with level 5 and compulsories and is now a USA level 6 optional!  Yay Maisie!!


Maisie won first all-around with first place finishes on vault, bar & beam and a second place finish on floor.   

Obligatory scores and hands-in-the-air pictures:

Vault 9.15Vault:  first place  9.15

Bar 8.85 Bar:  First place  8.85

Beam 8.1 Beam:  First place  8.1

Floor 7.95 Floor:  Second place 7.95

AA 34.04 All-Around:  First place  34.05

1174953_10151861608361663_1467126099_n Maisie was happy that her friend Alyssa competed and also had a wonderful meet.

999746_10151860763476663_10425300_n She was also thrilled that her teammate Sarah attended the meet to cheer her on!

1185373_10151860764446663_175127290_nAfter the meet Sarah came home with Maisie so that the two of them could play.  First up, lunch and a bit of make-up.

537229_10151860766161663_1552820552_nAnd even though the entire morning was spent doing gymnastics, there’s always time and energy for more!

Maisie had an all around A-Maisie-ing day.  Now to train for the next level and her next competitive season which will begin in December and should be awesome as we just received her meet schedule.  In addition to some home and relatively local meets, she’ll also be competing in Athens, GA, Savannah, GA and Las Vegas, NV!!  Talk about an amazing away meet!! So much to look forward to in the coming year.

Since this post is all about my A-Maisie-ing Maisie I’m featuring one of her favorite recipes, Easy White Corn Tortilla PizzaMaisie not only loves eating these but she also enjoys helping to make them.  Her favorite toppings are vegan cheese and mini pepperoni but they can be made to suit any favorite toppings.  Click on the link or the picture to be taken to Cook Lisa Cook and the recipe.

Easy White Corn Tortilla Pizza



  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Yay congratulations Maisie, your so talented. Level 6 fantastic. Are you aspiring for the Olympics? What fun. Go Maisie go!!!!


  2. Maisie is undeniably AMAZING!!!

  3. What a fun summer you've been having. It's been since spring that I last checked in and I'm very impressed with Maisie's progress in gymnatics! She's matured so much and cleaned up her form. She's GREAT on bars, with fantastic kips and those giants with the straps looked so fun!


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