Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowcation 2011 ~ Day 3

So here we are on our third day off from school and gymnastics and school has already been called off for tomorrow.  My friends up north who are currently getting hit with blizzard conditions and a lot more snow than we’ll ever see down here are probably laughing their tushes off that Atlanta has essentially been shut down for days after receiving what Northerners would call a dusting of snow.  I know that we only received about 6-inches of snow but snowplows here in the south are a rarity, shoot I think that Atlanta only has 8 of them.  The plows that are out there can’t keep up with clearing the main roads so neighborhood roads haven’t been touched at all.  So the snow combined with freezing rain, a bit of a thaw yesterday and now temps in the teens and twenties, no grit or chemicals on the roads, well it’s just a stinkin’ frozen mess out side.

it’s a good thing that I’m a homebody at heart because no cabin fever happening here.  With Eammon away it’s girl time and Maisie and I are having fun together.  We’ve slept in*, we’ve played together and with neighbors K & A, we’ve done some home school, lots of reading, we’ve cooked, relaxed and we’ve even been somewhat productive in tackling a few projects around the house which have been long neglected. 

Today Maisie asked if we could cook together and she wanted to make Toll House cookies.  When I started gathering the ingredients I realized that because of my Christmas stress baking binge I didn’t have any chocolate bits in the house and I obviously wasn’t going to the store to get any!  So instead of chocolate bits we used cinnamon chips with the back-of-the-bag Toll House cookie recipe and it worked, they tasted great and we had fun cooking together.

IMG_4947Maisie loves measuring and adding all the ingredients.

IMG_4952Watching to make sure that everything is mixing together properly.

IMG_4957Enough mixing already, let’s bake! 

IMG_4967Keeping busy while the cookies bake.

IMG_4972Enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Tomorrow, maybe a craft project or two.  Hope that everyone is safe and warm.

* Maisie’s been sleeping in a bit because each night she wakes anywhere between 12 and 2, absolutely ravenous.  Maisie eats a good dinner then just before bed she’ll eat two scrambled eggs or a two egg cheese omelet but still, in the middle of the night she’ll wake up and want a couple of slices of cheese or a few string cheese sticks.  She’s a growing girl and a new wardrobe may be hers in the near future.   


  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy the time together!

  2. Looks like some great baking!

    The girl can eat! Wow. I bet she's burning it all off with gymnastics.

    How are you feeling lately my friend?

  3. Growth spurt! No doubt! Bri has been really hungry lately too and complaining that her legs are hurting. I told her it was growing pains. :)

    Mmmm, cookies.

  4. I have been thinking of you with all the snow. We are in the tundra here too. Okay, I know we always have snow here, but we usually don't have such cold. We have been in the teens for weeks. I hate it. I can only imagine your pain, because we can still get around (don't want to, but we can) and you are STUCK. Hang in there. Hoepfully, the sun will come out tomorrow.;) Looks like good cookies and I was happy to hear about the cinnamon chips. I bought some, but haven't tried them yet.

    Let us know how much Maise grows with this growth spirt!


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