Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Utah bloggy bash reunion tour 2010

Utah red couchDark and extremely early tomorrow morning, Maisie and I are winging our way to Salt Lake City to meet up with some of our favorite bloggy friends. The picture above always makes me smile, it's from September 2007, still within the first year that some of us had our children. From left to right, Eliza, Tess, Maisie, Ree & Ro. Unfortunately this year Julie and Tess couldn't make the trip and oh how we are going to miss them. Joining us though are Donna & Lauren who we haven't seen since our Inaugural tour back in August 2006 so Lauren will be new to the mix and we can't wait to meet her! For our reunion in September 2007, Catherine joined us and this year she has baby Hannah, yeah another wee one to meet!! We all missed getting together in 2008 but when some of us met up in July 2009, Lisa was just home with her little Tate.

This year it will six Mamas and eight children partying together for a four day weekend in a house up in Park City, woohoo!! Then things will probably calm down a bit as all the other out-of-towners head home and Maisie & I get to hang with Tiffany & Co. for four more days. Not only am I looking forward to seeing all the above bloggy pals but so many of the Utah local gals as well. It's going to be an awesome and fun week but for now I had better get to bed because sparrow's fart comes awfully early!


  1. Can't wait to see you!!!!!!

  2. See you SOON!!! Yeah!

    What a sweet pic! Seems like just yesterday....

  3. You guys have a GREAT time!!! Aren't reunions just the BEST!!! Looking forward to the photos!

  4. Safe travels! Can't wait to see you!



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