Saturday, June 19, 2010

Super spectacular wonderful fabulous days

That's how Maisie has described her days this week and it makes my heart just overflow with joy to have my girl loving her days and being so happy. It was busy and fun week for her and me too. Really we've been running and busy since last Thursday with Elite camp and that went through to Sunday. Then Monday was a 3 hour gymnastics practice followed by a couple of hours at the pool, Tuesday was full day gymnastics camp with friends K & A and of course more time at the pool in the afternoon, Wednesday was practice & pool again and Thursday was a repeat of Tuesday with camp and pool. Thursday evening the kids were starting to slow down from their busy week and actually sat together quietly for an entire movie! Friday was a quiet day day as Maisie only had a swimming lesson but then in the afternoon we attended a pool party followed by dinner at K & A's with some of K's classmates.

We have been enjoying spectacular sunny, hot weather and even though we've had almost daily pop-up torrential showers, they have mostly held off until late afternoon to early evening so they haven't really interfered with our activities.

Maisie, K & A Thursday night watching a movie together.

Our spinach is out of this world and growing like crazy.  This is after four people harvested leaves yesterday!

We are cucumber crazy.  Steve and I have been picking half a dozen or more cukes per day and we still have fully mature fruit on the vine.

I'd have to say that right now it looks like our largest crop is going to be butternut squash as we must have at least 150 growing between the two beds where they're planted.

In this post I had a picture of Steve's finger pointing at our first pumpkin and now, here I am just two weeks later pointing at it, look how big its gotten already!!  We have a few pumpkins started and hopefully we'll see more fruit before it's all over.

Two weeks ago I said that the zucchini was coming and I wasn't kidding as we've been harvesting squash after squash, day after day.  I swear that one day the zucchini will be the size of my pointer finger and two days later it's the size of my forearm!!  So far we've enjoyed zucchini fritters, zucchini chocolate chunk walnut bread and today I whipped up a batch of zucchini lemon cookies!!  Next on the menu, zucchini lasagna.

We ran out of garden space so Tim my gardener put some of the zucchini plants down near the lake and obviously someone thinks they look tasty!!


  1. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Tiffany has a great recipe for zucchini pancakes. Wow, your harvest is awesome, I am particularly jealous of the spinach, I just love that for salads. Enjoy!

  2. I am so impressed with your garden but am shocked at the alligator? Do they go in your yard?

  3. time to start goggling zucchini recipes!!

    Love the picture of the crocodile.

  4. Is that an alligator???? OMW - that would freak the heck out of me!!!

  5. Wow, what an amazing garden!

  6. Um, Lisa? You have alligators in YOUR lake??? I take it Maisie doesn't swim in the lake, LOL!
    Your garden is amazing. Wow! And Maisie seems to be having such a perfect summer. It actually brings back great memories of summers when I was growing up.


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