Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ready for a new week

I am ready for this week to be over as it has been a rough one and I'm hoping that this coming week is much better. The day after I got out of the hospital I had to go see one of my docs and Maisie couldn't come with me so she stayed home with Eammon. I called the house just as I was leaving the doctor to let Eammon know that I was heading home and he informed me that there had been a little accident but that everyone was okay. Apparently Maisie was moving around some large coffee table books and the plate glass top somehow managed to shatter, cutting the top of her foot. Eammon said that there wasn't much blood and he got the cuts washed out and bandaged. When I arrived home I took a look at the cuts and really thought that one was deep enough to need stitches and after a second opinion by our neighbor Steve, Eammon and I got Maisie in the car and headed to urgent care. The doctor there said that the cut was boarder line in needing stitches and suggested that gluing it and using steri-strips would probably take care of it. I was much happier with that option as the idea of Maisie getting stitches made me sick. Once her foot was all glued and bandaged we returned home where she and Eammon took a nap. Once up from her nap, Maisie's foot seemed not to bother her...except when she remembered and would limp and say she needed crutches. The next day when I changed the bandage the top of her poor little foot was all black & blue but the wound looked clean. Maisie went to gymnastics practice in the afternoon and didn't miss a beat but loved telling anyone who would listen about her accident and why her foot was all wrapped up.

I'm feeling okay and a big thanks to everyone who left messages, emailed, called and for all the good wishes and prayers. Other than feeling really run down and a bit overwhelmed by all the doc visits and tests that I have over the next two weeks, I'm really doing fine. I'm going with the mindset that if there was something life-threatening wrong they would have kept me in the hospital. I sort of agree with what the cardiologist said about an acute reaction to a chronic condition and not everyone falls into what is considered "normal" range, and trust me, I'm definitely not normal!

One thing that I have not done, in what seems like forever, is cooking. Between being away on our cruise and then coming back and being busy with Maisie's end of school year activities and of course that little medical scare, well no wonder. But, I have missed it and I also have missed having some good and healthy food in the house so the other day I made a trip to my favorite International market and stocked up and have been making some new and interesting things. I am absolutely addicted to Greek Yogurtand many nights if Eammon is working late I'll make something easy for Maisie and I'm happy with my yogurt mixed with some Kashi Mountain Medley and some diced up fresh fruit. Even more decadent though is when I eat fresh fruit with Labnehwhich is just absolutely wonderful. This week I decided that I was going to make my own Labneh as I wanted a fat-free version. I made a big batch which was super easy and have been using it in all the recipes that I've made these past two days. Chinese five-spice wings with cilantro labneh dip, sugar & fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt and for dinner tonight, campanelle with pesto labneh, chicken, roasted tomatoes, whole roasted garlic cloves and toasted pine nuts,totally delicious and I'll get all the recipes up on Cook Lisa Cook as soon as possible.

Now some pictures because that's the best part of any post and they make me happy.

Though Maisie has multiple tables and work surfaces, she loves to set up her "office" and "desk" on the steps. She will spend hours a day coloring, doing school pages and reading whilst sitting on the steps.

Almost exactly a year to the day, 364 days to be exact, from when I got my new car, I hit 15,000 miles. I still love my car but what makes me love it the most, check out my mpg.

Depending on how I drive, I average between 47-49 mpg, not too shabby especially with petrol prices seeming to be creeping up and up.


  1. Maisie is super cute sitting there in her "office". It's a shame she's going to get too big to comfortably work/play there. But, alas, getting bigger is what kids do!

    I wish I loved to cook as much as you do. But I do like to watch cooking shows so maybe I'll eventually like participating?

    I hope next week is nice and calm with no unplanned visits to the Dr!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  2. You definitely deserve a bright, shiny new week with no drama! Very relieved to hear that Maisie's accident wasn't too traumatic, although still scary for the parents, I'm sure. I'm glad she is okay.

    Isn't it cute the spaces children like to make for themselves in the oddest places. :)

  3. I can't believe after everytihng, she cuts her foot! I am sending down a huge roll of bubble wrap for you all to cover yourselves in!

    Good luck!

  4. Love Maisie on the stairs. I am still floored by how grown up she is now. Glad you are better! Have fun with cooking and it may just be the trick to get your spirits up!


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