Monday, February 01, 2010

Sunday fun with April

Friends Ilene, Michael and April were coming over on Sunday for a day of fun and food so on Saturday in preparation, Maisie helped me dust the house. She loves helping to dust and if I could just keep her from shaking all the accumulated dust off the duster and all over the floor and mats, she would truly be a good little helper.

A few months ago we made these plans to get together as they have season theater tickets and Ilene wasn't interested in seeing Young Frankenstein so Michael asked Eammon if he'd like to go. Eammon loves the movie so he was up for it and it allowed all the girls to have a nice play day together. Ilene, Michael & April came over early for a brunch of croissants, cold poached salmon, chicken salad, herring in wine sauce as well as salad & fruit plates. Everyone enjoyed the meal but soon it was time for the guys to head to the theater. Once they left it was time to entertain and keep the little girls busy.

The girls had fun playing with money and a slot machine (don't ask), and filling their purses with all the accumulated change.

On and off they each wore Princess clothes. They had fun using scratch paper and drawing fun designs.

Twister was a hit with them first playing together then each taking turns being the caller so to tell the other one what to do.

But Play-doh was the hit of the day with the girls probably spending almost 2 hours making all sorts of beautiful creations.

When I realized that the guys would be back from their show just about dinner time, Ilene and I decided that it would be fun to have dinner together so that the girls could extend their play day. At first I thought we could order some pizza but I'm really trying to avoid all the processed food. So after a quick check in the pantry and freezer I made some homemade marinara sauce, pasta and garlic bread. To bulk up the meal a little for the guys, I divided the sauce and added some nice seafood to theirs. We all enjoyed another meal together and the girls continued their day of fun, all filled with giggles, smiles, running around and good times.

Maisie was very sad to see April go home and in bed last night asked me, when was her "little" friend going to come back and play again. Always a good time with friends.


  1. Uh oh - slot machines? I think these girls will be headed to Vegas one day. LOL!!!

  2. It seems that they had a great time. I love the pictures. :)


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