Sunday, May 17, 2009

A very pink day

In this post back in April I asked if anyone wanted to place bets on whether Maisie would actually make it out on stage for her dance recital or whether she would freeze, continuously looks stage right to see what her teacher was doing or if she'd actually go out and perform like a little star. Well yesterday morning was the big recital and I'm pleased to say that my little poofy pink ballerina pranced out on the stage and performed like a little star...even if the performance was filled with three year old interpretations, unique timing and even a moment of deer-in-the-headlights-look. It did provide for some great laughs and all the little girls were thrilled with their performance. Watch the video and enjoy the laugh.

After Maisie's recital we changed from her poofy pink costume to her sleek and shiny pink Fireflies team leotard as we attended the Spring Beach Party Blast at her gym. Eammon and my father made it through the recital but begged off for the gymnastics performance so my Mom and I watched as Maisie and her teammates demonstrated their skills on the bars, balance beam, floor and vault. They each received certificates and then the three little friends showed their love for each other. Tia, Mara & Maisie all really look forward to seeing each other at their twice weekly practices and are always so cute together.

After leaving the gym we returned home and then my parents took us all out to our favorite Sichuan restaurant for a tasty spicy dinner to celebrate Maisie's performances. It was a fun day and at the end of the day the only one not tired was energizer-no-nap-Maisie who managed to go and go until she finally fell asleep after 9PM.

Maisie's really enjoying having my parents visit, especially the long walks she drags my father on. They go home tomorrow but in just a few weeks Maisie and I will travel south and stay with them so Maisie can get another Grandparents fix.


  1. LOVE the video!!! She did great and looks just as adorable as ever. Sounds like it was a busy day, too!

  2. Adorable! I didn't realize that she and Chani both had their recitals on the same day! Three year olds sure look different than two year olds. LOL - They did a great job!!

  3. That video was SO cute! Way to go Maisie! I kept giggling it was so adorable! What a fun day!

  4. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Tess and I agree - SUPER CUTE!

  5. That was so cute!!! She knew when she was suppose to be holding hands!
    I thought she was going to walk right off the stage the one time. Thanks for sharing as it made my evening:)

  6. That is so cute! I love the puffy pink tutu. And her gym pics, too. She is darling.


  7. Ah cute!!! Little Miss is one busy gal!

  8. I can't even stand it! She is so cute! I am so proud of her for being a star. It takes courage to get out on that stage. Can't wait to see you this summer.

  9. That was great!!! They are so adorable to watch in their programs. Maisie is such a cute go-getter.

  10. I just love the dance recitals of little ones!! They are so much fun!! She looked adorable!! I am sure that she has been having so much fun with the conclusive ceremonies of gym, dance and school. Happy Summer!! She is looking so grown up !! Where did our baby girls go? Now we have little girls sniff sniff

  11. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Hello from Singapore, Lisa! Just saw the video -- absolutely adorable. Maisie did great.

    Ilene, Michael and April

  12. Awww ... that is sooooo cute! I'm loving the pouffy pink tutus! I can't wait til Naomi is 3!

  13. that is adorable!

  14. AWWWW!SIMPLY ADORABLE!!!!!She did an excellent job!!!!!Sounds like a wonderfully busy,fun filled day!


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