Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pollen, playdates and parties

Even though I'm late in posting this due to some computer problems and lack of time and desire to be online, here is Maisie's fashion choice of the week for M3's Fashion Challenge Friday. This week I didn't give Maisie any direction or limit her in anyway and she put her own spin on her outfit. She chose one of her favorite Indygo twirly-whirly dresses, a pair of black leggings with lace bottoms and her very favorite pink princess shoes. I think she did great again and I'm proud to be her Mother. The first week we did this challenge Eammon "helped" Maisie choose her outfit and...well if you can't say anything nice...{ silence } The second week I did tell Maisie that she needed to wear pants because of where we were going and on her own she did great and looked coordinated and I could hold my head high. So basically if I keep Eammon out of choosing or helping to pick out clothes I'll be able to walk out the door feeling pretty good about what Maisie's wearing...we'll see how long that lasts though as Maisie may have other ideas, we shall see.

After spring break week which was filled with sickness, major allergies and a little to much down time it was great to return to our regular schedule and have a busy and good week. Maisie and I are still suffering with allergies but the pollen count was lower this past week ranging between "only" 286 - 974 but remember, anything over 121 is considered extremely high so even though it's lower than the past few weeks, it's still outrageous. Maisie is off her inhaler but will be on a nasal spray for the foreseeable future. Thankfully she's gotten used to having the nasal spray so the once nightly treatment is no longer a struggle.

Maisie was happy to return to school this week and see her friends and teachers again. She was also excited to have her bentos again, I didn't realize how much she missed them when we were on break. I was happy to have those few hours while Maisie was in school to run errands and catch up on a few things.

We have new neighbors that just moved in next door to us and the best part, they have two children, a six year old girl K and a four year old boy A. Maisie has been having a blast all week riding bikes, using chalk, playing house and having bubble wars with K & A. Friday afternoon Eammon arrived home early from work and all three kids were playing out on the deck & dock with bubbles. So Eammon went out to watch them for a while and to play with them and ended up inside Maisie's playhouse with Maisie, K & A attacking him from all directions with bubbles and they weren't neat about it so he was just covered from head to toe in bubble goo.

Friday morning Maisie and I met up with Kathy & Chani and Lisa & Briana for some girly-girl get-together time and it was great to see everyone. The girls had fun making numerous trips to the bathroom, coloring, drawing, playing with stickers, goofing around together being silly and making & eating candy necklaces. Even though Lisa, Kathy & I all live relatively close to one another we're spread out far enough that it's not quick or always easy, especially with all our busy schedules, to meet up so when we do, it's always a good time.

Here's one more picture from Friday morning, my little angel with her drawing of an angel. Not sure why her angel has such a sad face but I'm glad that my little sweetie was sporting such a big and happy smile.

To finish off our week, Saturday night we attended a party hosted by our new neighbors. They have some really nice friends, it was a beautiful evening, the food was divine and all the children were well behaved. We stayed until well after Maisie's bedtime as she was having so much fun and so were we. Before we could put Maisie to bed though we had to go pick up Eammon's car from the shop as we had to have new brakes installed and we had asked them to just lock the car and leave it for us to pick up at our convenience. By the time I got Maisie in bed it was a few hours past her bed time so I had hopes of sleeping in this morning. Even though she went to bed so late, she was still up before 7am...oh my gosh, how does this girl function on so little sleep!!!

Off to get some laundry done and getting ready for a new week.


  1. Whooohoooo, go Maisie!! Love that outfit, it just embodies fun, doesn't it? And you, my dear friend, get huge bonus points for taking her out in it. Sending good thoughts for low,low,low pollen, sheesh.

  2. Oh boy, do you have my sympathy for allergies! I think I've sneezed 2600 times today.

    Maisie has a good eye for fashion. I especially love those shoes! Schnazzy!


  3. Love the outfit. Love the shoe choice. Fun, yet princess like. We are struggling with allergies too (my son). No fun. Hang in there.

  4. It was so good catching up with you on Friday! Way to much time had passed since we had seen each other. The girls had fun, didn't they? Who knew walking to the bathroom could be so exciting? :)

  5. Cute outfit! Great choice Maisie!

  6. Keeva has those same shoes...miles too small now but she insists on still wearing them! Love the whole outfit...Maisie and Keeva would make a great team on the clothes front:)


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