Friday, March 27, 2009

Testing 1,2,3...Testing 1,2,3

Oh my gosh what a l.o.n.g. week this has been. Maisie's sleep continues to be atrocious, waking up every-single-night in the wee hours of the morning for a good hour or so and then still getting up at sparrows fart to start her day. She did nap twice this week but both were hard fought and way to brief. During the night she wakes up screaming and it takes a long time to settle her back down. I've asked if she's having bad dreams or what wakes her up but she seems unable or unwilling to voice what is going on. I hope that this phase passes for Maisie as I hate that something is causing her pain and bothering her and I hope that this phase passes for me as I need a full nights sleep.

Maybe it's because Maisie's over-tired or maybe it's because she's three, or a combination of the two but the girl is testing, testing, testing and pushing limits. I feel like a broken record counting to three and sending her time-out, in fact we were late to school twice this week because she was spending so much of those mornings in time-out. When Maisie's over-tired she she seems to go faster and faster, spiraling into attitude and bad behavior, oh how I wish that she would be able to sit back, relax and chill but this is my girl and we'll work through this. Oh and to top it off, we've had rain all week so confinement & Maisie...not a good mix!

So to calm my frazzled nerves and to give my over worked and stressed hubby something fun to look forward to, I went and booked another trip! Come October Eammon, Maisie and I are going on our first cruise, I'm so excited. Since we're heading to the western Caribbean for a week, during hurricane season, I'm keeping everything crossed that the weather smiles on us and that we have a great trip. Hopefully too, things with Maisie will have settled down and life and sleep will be normal again as we now have five trips planned for this year! Just in case anyone may be interested in meeting up with us, we're heading to Boston/Hartford/Nashua in June, Salt Lake City in July, cruising in October...yeah, Aruba the beginning of December and London to finish off 2009 and begin 2010! Gosh, just typing all that makes me smile and forget about our trying week.

In other news, this coming week I should be posting Maisie's 100th bento over on Maisie Eats Bento. To celebrate I'm doing a bento giveaway so pop on over and give yourself a chance to win a nice stash of bento items. If you've never packed bento, the giveaway is a great starter set and really everything you would need and if you already pack bento, what an easy way to add to your collection.

This morning we ventured out through pouring rain to meet up and have coffee with Kathy & Chani. It was nice to be able to sit down and chat with Kathy as between our schedules we barely get the opportunity to see one another. The girls were both on good behavior and spent time coloring, playing with stickers and for Maisie, with Chani in tow a couple of times, seeing how many times she could use the bathroom and wash her hands. Check out the cute hairband that Chani is sporting, Kathy made it. We tried to get Maisie to wear it but no go. I'm going to have to try again as Kathy's hairbands are so pretty!


  1. Cool! We're planning cruise in October too! No idea exactly when or where but it's on the calendar for sometime that month! If you have time, please share some of your criteria for picking what you picked. :)

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

    PS: We installed a gymnastic bar last weekend and the kids are practicing to be as good as Maisie before they'll let us post anything on the blog!

  2. I am so sorry you are having these sleep issues with Maisie. Bri had them over the weekend - she was feverish on and off the entire weekend. Luckily, we are back on track and she is sleeping again. It is so hard when you are so tired!!!

  3. Ok my brother makes fun of me for going on vacation a bit but you have me beat hands down. LOVE your list of trips!! We can't agree on our 15th anniversary trip in May--tossing around a cruise too but not sure yet. Who are you going through? We can't leave our sweet girl for very long so we are thinking 4 nights and easily accessible from the east coast---to many choices!!

    Hope you have some better nights soon and I agree with over tired *ugh*

  4. I'm sorry that you are having sleep issues...that is always a bad one for me, too. My sleep is something I value HIGHLY!!

    But hooray for the reminder that we will see you in July! Can't wait. Maisie is looking so tall in all your posted photos, I can't wait to see her and you won't believe my kids- they have changed so much.


  5. It was fun getting together. I still can't get over how much taller Maisie is. Hopefully the next week will be filled with sleep for you both!

  6. All those trips and your not coming to Florida? What a fun year you are going to have! By the Way, the video of Maisie doing her gymnastists is soooo impressive. Maisie does ROCK!

  7. I'm so jealous of all of your great trips! I want to go on a cruise!

    Sorry about the phase Maisie is going through right now. Rachel seems to go in and out of these "waking up and crying during the night" phases... and I've never been able to figure out what causes them. They appear... and after a while, they disappear again. But it is never fun for either of us! I hope Maisie starts sleeping better soon.
    She is such a cutie... makes me smile every time I see her little face!

  8. Here is hoping that you all get some much needed restful lengthy sleep!!

  9. We love cruising! Fingers crossed that a hurricane will not come your way this season (I live in hurricane alley, so I'm really crossing my fingers!!!)

    Happy Monday!

  10. Sorry the sleep thing isn't getting better. I have a feeling it is part of being three. So just think when she turns four you will be sleeping again too. I was trying to be funny, but it really isn't. Know I am hoping for sleep for you all. Also, so cool to hear about the 100th Bento. Sheesh, you do so much. I feel like a couch potato.

  11. Hi ya Lisa! We've just come home from 2 wks in Bali... so its nice to be home and see all my fav. little girls! Hope Maisie's sleep improves. Its such a pain in the butt, when the kiddies don't sleep well.

  12. I love reading your blog, I enjoy looking at the bento's you make. I can't believe how much Maisie has grown.I also keep up with Sonja's blog. I miss Emily so much since she moved to Florida. (Emily's Nana)

  13. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Thank you for this post. I thought it was just me having these issues with April. Sleep and bad behavior seem to be the thing these days. It must be the "threeness" thing.

    --Ilene, Michael, and April

  14. So many vacations! Wow! You're going to have tons of fun!
    I hope you can get more sleep soon. I really do not look forward to AA going through this, I can't stand being sleep deprived!!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  15. Ewwww....I hope the sleep deprivation ends soon. Yikes, that is the WORST!

    Cruise better vacay in my opinion.


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