Sunday, February 01, 2009

April & Maisie

Last night we met up with friends Ilene and Michael and their daughter April at a favorite local Chinese restaurant. Even though we had tried to get together numerous times over the past year, between various sicknesses, business trips, personal trips and life in general, it just never seemed to happen. It was so fun seeing them again and we all had a fun night. April & Maisie were both shy at first but after just a short time they took to each other and had so much fun. As it worked out, for most of our time at dinner we had a private room so the girls were able to run around some and boy, did they did have fun chasing, catching and hugging each other. They also had fun playing peek-a-boo through the large fish tanks with the big child Eammon on one side and the two girls on the other. It was amazing how much energy those two girls had because even though they didn't tire out themselves, they managed to wear out all four adults. Hopefully we'll get together again soon and I'll have to remember my camera because my cell phone didn't do well with the piccies.


  1. that little girl is just growing up..these are really sweet pics!!

  2. How cute. Life really gets busy. In a way it makes the moments we have with others a little bit better.

  3. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Thanks for posting! April is still talking about running around and playing with Maisie. They had perfectly matched personalities on Saturday night. And thanks to Eammon for playing, too. We did so enjoy our dinner with all of you. Hopefully, it won't take another year to do this...

    Ilene, Michael & April


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