Thursday, September 13, 2007


Last night we returned from a week of sun, fun and chasing Maisie down the beaches of Jamaica and are we ever exhausted.

Bathing beautyBathing beauty.

Hurry I'm ready for the poolReady to get to the pool.

Kadian took great careof me at meal timeKadian took great care of all of us at meal time.

Mmmmm...cream cheeseMmmmm…cream cheese.

Alfresco napping in the PeapodAlfresco napping in the Peapod.

Beautiful beachBeautiful beach.

oh what a viewOh what a view.

P9100019.JPG_Thumbnail1P9100022.JPG_Thumbnail1P9110048.JPG_Thumbnail1P9110052.JPG_Thumbnail1P9110061.JPG_Thumbnail1Swimming with BabaSwimming with Baba.

Though we were all somewhat sick when we left a week ago and still aren't quite 100%, we all fared well and enjoyed a week of great weather and time on the beach and at the pool. The beach was beautiful and the pool was large and fun for all of us and Maisie just had a blast in the water. Maisie did quite well with the travel part of the trip and my fears of her not sleeping in a strange room and in a different bed were, No worries Mon.

Let me sing the praises of Maisie's Princess Peapod because the little girl just took to it, she slept well at night and we were even able to bring it pool side so that naps were taken outdoors while Mom & Dad relaxed in the water just a few feet away. All-in-all a good trip but the one word I wouldn't use to describe the trip is, relaxing and now that we're home we need a vacation to recover from the one we just took. We'll have to recover quickly though, as in just six days Maisie and I will be flying to Utah for the Great Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion Tour!!

We missed everyone and hopefully soon I'll start to make a dent in my email and all the blog posts I've missed...that is, as soon as Maisie allows me to put her down for a moment ;-)


  1. Great pics! I said the same thing about, but not relaxing! See you very soon!


  2. Glad you had fun..What wonderful pictures!

  3. Ok, so I was recently tagged to list the top ten things I want to get for my daughter, and I could only think of one... until I saw the princess peapod, that is!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea, and I will DEFINITELY be getting one!!!! Thanks!!!!!

    PS - LOVE the pics of Ms. Maisie, gorgeous as always :)

  4. Welcome back! It looks like you had an amazing time. The beach and pools look so great!

  5. wow- what a trip- welcome back - Maisie is as beautiful as ever- so glad you had a great time- and hope the next trip is a blast! can't wait to read all about it.....

  6. LOL! Todd says if we want a 'REAL' holiday, we'll leave the kids at home!!!

    Now, I counted 3 swimsuits, for Miss Maisie! She's a right little pagaent Queen!

  7. I'm lovin' Maisie swim suit!! What an absolute doll she is!!!

  8. That looks like one slice of heaven for sure!

    Off to check out the peapod gig.

  9. Sounds like a great trip!

  10. Anonymous10:24 PM

    I am SO far behind! Did you switch daughters while I was sleeping? She has grown so much. Gorgeous. Sounds like life is grand, sorry to hear about the sickness blips. Hope all is well...!


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