Monday, January 22, 2007

And then there were seven...

For our little Ladies-who-Lunch (LwL) group, Maisie was the final little girly-girl to come home from China. So on Saturday the seven LwL gathered with our little sweeties for the first time all together and did a little photo shoot. All I could do was laugh as all the girlies were so cute and it was great to finally have them all home and together.
Front row (L-R):
Maisie (home Dec'06 - 15mos old);
Liza (home Sept '06 - 15mos old);
Amelia (home June'06 - 17mos old).
Back row (L-R):
Chloe (home Sept '06 - 16mos old);
Kacey (home Sept '06 - 27mos old);
Emily (home Mar'06 - 19mos old);
Kailee (home June'06 - 19mos old).

On Wednesday, Maisie turned 15 months old and we had a nice little day together. We did a little shopping in the morning and then Maisie spent lots of time pressing all the little buttons on her princess car. She can spend a good amount of time concentrating on the dashboard and has even started picking the buttons she wants as opposed to just hitting them all randomly.
Everytime I try to take a picture of Maisie, she comes towards me, trying to touch the camera. No wonder I have so few pictures as she still spends a lot of time on my lap or reaching for the camera. I do love her little fish face though.
To top off her 15 month birthday, little Miss M settled in for a rare afternoon nap in the p-n-p, sweet!!!

Friday we had our first visit to the pediatrician, OY!! Maisie was quite good but she did end up getting five different injections which made her scream and made her needle phobic Mother sick. At 15 months and two days, little Miss Maisie weighed in at 19 lbs - 2 oz and is 29.75" tall putting her in the 5th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height. Overall the doctor says that she's doing well and seems well attached to me. I have to do a bit of poo collecting and then I'll have to take Maisie to have a major blood draw, checking on all her past immunizations as well as testing for a myriad of who knows what. Eammon probably will have to go with us as I'm likely to pass out as she screams, plus Eammon doesn't mind needles so I think major blood draws should be a blue job in our home, don't you agree???

After visiting the doctor, Maisie and I headed down to the airport to pick up my girlfriend Karen, who flew down from Connecticut to spend the weekend with us. Saturday started with breakfast, followed by the photoshoot and lunch. Maisie looked so cute all dressed and ready for the camera! Then later in the afternoon Karen, Maisie and I headed to the local adopter's gathering at Lisa & Doug's home. Maisie did so well meeting so many new people and everyone was so good about giving her time to warm up to them before swooping in and attempting to get a picture. Lisa even had out some of Brianna's great little toys so Maisie got to test them all out for her.

Sunday was an exciting day as not only did Maisie get all dressed up in a party dress and go to her friend LiLi's 2nd birthday but she also took her first steps!
First steps!!

First steps are tiring.

Today Karen had to fly back to Connecticut and her family and of course it was the day that Maisie decided that Karen was pretty cool and was OK to hold her...Figures!!! Hopefully we'll see Karen again soon and Maisie will warm up faster so that Karen can get her baby fix!

Maisie has decided that tapioca is good and though she's still not too sure about most foods, at least for now, tapioca is a keeper.
Oh no, I have tapioca face!!


  1. LOVE the LwL photo!! How cute!

    Congratulations on Maisie's arrival!

    ~Amy & Dennis
    John Anthony (8-USA), Cecilia (5-India) & Agatha (13 months old today... arrived home from Jiangxi, China 5 months ago tomorrow!!)

  2. Wow! what a great photo- and so happy that all of you finally have your daughters home!!!! Maisie is looking cuter than ever- and congrats to little Ms. for taking her first steps......! Just think of all of the things she'll be able to get into now! So glad all is well and good luck with the blood draw- I'm one who passes out too!

  3. Such an update!!! That picture is AMAZING! What a great idea.

    Yeah for first steps and partying!

    She is adorable.

    Keep smilin!

  4. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Awww so sweet. Love the photos of her.

  5. Great photos! I still say that wee girl is wise beyond her year :0) She has the most inquisitive eyes.

  6. The LWL pic of all the girls just breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing your pics and your stories about life at home with Maisie!!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Lisa -
    It just warms my heart to see Maisie join the LwL crowd and to know that all of you have your babies home safe and sound.

    And the party dress is so cute!

  9. This picture of all girls is priceless! Thanks for sharing! I'm cracking up about Kacee!

  10. Love the L-w-L pics!! Way to go Maisie with the walking and sleeping in the PNP!!! What a cutie!!!


  11. GREAT photos! And, HOORAY for taking those BIG steps!! :)

    (I'll be thinking of you as I "scoop poop" into those vials this week as well...yucky!)

  12. That is such a cool photo for you and Maisie to have!

  13. Also LOVE the group photo! And I love that gray dress with the pink stripe. So cute! Miss M's fish face is adorable!

  14. They are all so cute!!

  15. I love your lwl photo! What a great group of moms and babies! We also have a ladies lunch group that we started a couple of years ago. I am the only one with a baby from China. :) Maisie is adorable... such a cutie! How blessed she is to have such a supportive network of family and friends. I also have followed Amelia's story as I met her mom on another board. I didn't know you knew each other. Again... love the pictures. What a great group of friends.
    (aug/sept ccai board and Wanzhou board)

  16. normally I just lurk, but I just have to say how absolutely beautiful Maisie's asian outfit is! Did you get that for her in China? I think its the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

  17. Anonymous4:01 AM

    I want to introduce myself as one of your lurkers.
    I've read you're blog for quite a while, enjoyed, really enjoyed the blogs you sent from China.
    You described everything so detailed that I could almost taste the foods!
    It's been wonderful to read about and watch Maisie being finally home.
    She is so adorable!
    I've enjoyed your blog silently, but something in this blog made me want to say hi.
    Eammons t-shirt.
    The same lion is hanging next to my great-grandmothers weddingring on a chain around my neck.
    Wishing all the best to your lovely family from the cold Finland.
    Ps. Me and my DH just send our papers in to start adoption process from here.

  18. I love the group photo of the seven of you. I know it's so wonderful to finally be complete in that little group of yours. Also love seeing all the different photos of Maisie.

  19. She just gets cuter every day!

  20. Anonymous3:46 PM


  21. Thank you so much for the updates and photos, Lisa! You have no idea how they keep the little flame of hope alive! Maisie looks fantastic! I LOVE the little grey dress! And of course the group shot is gorgeous too!! Man, a couple of those girls could share out their hair allowance, eh?!!!

    Good luck with the return visit to the Paed. Yuk.

  22. I think that's the cutest photo I've seen! What a treasure!

    Maisie is doing so well and changing all the time. Happy to hear she's trying out her first steps. Way to celebrate being 15months!

    Thanks for the update on your cutie.

  23. First of all....those pics are wayyyy to cute!! That one of all the girls melts my heart.

    Where in CT does Karen live? I'm in thats why I ask.

  24. That group photo is absolutely precious! What a beautiful group of little girls!

    I am so glad I finally got to meet Maisie - she is wonderful. And I am so glad she liked Briana's toys!

  25. She has changed so much already. She looks ready to go out and take on the world!

  26. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Your daughter is so cool! Thanks for sharing your story it brought me hope during my wait.

    St Paul MN

  27. Eek..needles. I am so glad you survived it! I can't even look when my pups get shots-oh dear, what am I going to do?! Anywho - glad to see everyone is smiling, and are you feeling 100%? Hope to see you soon..

  28. Lisa,
    I was looking again at the Magnificant Seven (how can I resist....they are all so stinking cute!) and had my little one with me (3.5yrs) and he said "Mama, I want all those babies".....I said...all of them? what would you do with 7 babies? and his response "I would tell them, okay babies GROUP HUG"!!!!!! He has an eye for the ladies!!!!!!!

  29. What great photos! Maisie is sooooo adorable!

  30. Aahhhh... she's so cute! Gracie has the same Princess Car and loves it... although she enjoyed the music more at first (to the point that it kept konking out on us and we had to keep resetting it) but loves to ride it now!

    Great photos... looks so happy!

  31. I just wanted to say I am SO enjoying your blog... I found it late! But glad that I finally did... can I add you to my fav blogs?


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